Political Correctness has a brother: Social Justice

In a prior blog post, I wrote that Political Correctness is Evil.  I stand by the assertions made in that post and have decided to expose the brother of Political Correctness: Social Justice.  Many of us have heard this term, maybe at a gathering of friends, on the news or possibly even in Church. There are differing opinions of what exactly Social Justice is but a very basic definition would be the desire for all to be equal in all aspects of society. Currently, this idea is applied in the court system, but there are those out there who think it should be a way of life.

What does that mean?

In the world we live in today where the Liberal few continue to impose their will on the many via straw man arguments laden with guilt tactics and demonizing verbage, it means a completely level playing field where no one has opportunities that others might not have that filters into in every avenue of society you can imagine. That means in business, education, earning power, where you live, what car you drive, where you send your kids to school, how much you have to pay the government and on and on — all of this is subject to making you equal to everyone else around you.  From a church view, it means forced mercy and charity to those deemed to be marginalized by society. Politically, Social Justice must be legislated in order to have an equal society. It is this last part, Politics, that is marrying itself with the most Liberal views. We are all familiar with the term “Nanny State”. Those in power, or some that were before the November elections, are legislating us into a Social Justice or Nanny State. Well, now what does that mean?? It means other people know what is best for you, your family, your kids, your money – and these days your stomach – and they mean to make sure you fall in line.  It means the annihilation of your ability to choose, advance or be exceptional in any way. In short, it means the removal of your freedom and liberties.

Lets look at some examples of Social Justice happening in our society today.

Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move“. Here is an incredible over-reach of power and revocation of our liberties that should have been a decent cause to get behind. Perhaps we’ve all had a little too much ‘do as I say and not as I do’ from the Cheeseburger and fries ordering First Lady. If this campaign truly were concerned about the weight of kids it would be more food and fitness education heavy than blackmailing of States of get federal funding for lunches, brow beating of the restaurant and food industries and banning of the school bake sale.  Michelle, perhaps you should work on the junk in your own trunk before you lecture the nation on anything related to obesity. That goes double for your opinions on socialized medicine.

Healthcare. Don’t you know it is a right not a privilege? It should be totally free. No one should have to pay for it and rich people shouldn’t be able to get special treatment just because they can actually pay for it! After all, isn’t it a dream of all of ours to work our butts off 60 hours, sometimes more, a week just to pay for someone else’s medical bills? HELL YES. I want to be a paid slave when I grow up! I want the government to take half of my pay so that everyone is exactly equal because it is their right.

Illegal Immigration. The DREAM act is actually being voted on today and has already passed the House. The Senate will hopefully, God willing they have an ounce of sense amongst the lot of them at all, defeat this horrific bill. Those unfamiliar with it need to read up in more depth but for the purposes here it suffices to say that is basically allows for over 2.1 million ILLEGALS to become citizens via amnesty. Yes, that is right. 2.1 people who’s first act in this country was to break the law are being made citizens. Oh, and they will get instate college tuition rates too. The Democrats and the Left make the argument that these ILLEGALS have the right to be here, to hold jobs, get welfare, healthcare, food stamps, public assisted housing, unemployment, sell drugs, smuggle girls for prostitution, promote MS-13 and other gangs, fill up our prisons, burn our flag while demanding their rights in our country of which they are not a citizen, refusing to learn the common language, show no regard for our laws (they broke them the instant they set foot here), insisting we teach bilingually in our schools on our dime.. the list goes on and on. The rest of us think they should get in line and fill out their paperwork like the rest of the world. Democrats call it Social Justice to allow ILLEGALS to stay here because ‘everyone deserves a better life and that is all these people want’. The rest of us still think they need to get in line. This doesn’t even cover the attempt by the Obama Administration to level the playing field by having the DOJ sue Arizona for attempting to defend itself against what truly is a border war.

Taxes & Money. Money. Money. The Democrats and Obama think the rich have ‘made enough money’ and that those earning over 250k a year should have to pay more. The rest of us think they can stick that one in their rapidly approaching 13 trillion dollar deficit pipe and smoke it. It’s a very strong example of the core of Social Justice – Money. What it amounts to is the Left wants to apply political correctness, social justice and a huge pinch of demonizing in order to get the rest of us to shift to a Socialist society because they have made us ashamed through guilt and social label ridden straw man arguments broadcast nightly by the Soros funded mainstream media . Every one must be equal. We must have an Open Society. Everyone is welcome in an Open Society. All Are welcome. All are equal… Come into the light, Carolann… all are welcome in the light…

These are just for starters.

Or we can say no. We can reject political correctness and it’s brother, Social Justice. They are not just brothers but I would argue conjoined twins. Where you have one, you inevitably have the other. This is the United States. A land forged in independence, freedom, individual liberties and innovation. A nation found on the principle that while all men are created equal in the eyes of the Creator, they have certain inalienable rights… Life. Liberty. The pursuit of Happiness. None of which include Social Justice, but do include the principles of hope, faith and charity.

You can not legislate equality of life. You can not tax a people into equality. You can not force charity. You can not strip one of his or her liberty nor their freedom. Once a person has tasted the ability to choose for oneself, there is no going back.  Wars have been waged and blood is spilled to this day for just the idea of freedom.

The Left doesn’t get any of that and are instead Hell bent on saving us all from ourselves since not one of us can make decisions of any importance with out them. Oh, but we can. We did. November was just the start. Push back, people. Don’t take it anymore, not for another day. Not for another minute. You are the best adviser in your own life. Let no one tell you otherwise.


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