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Occupy Raleigh Is No Different

Not calling the cops or getting him to a facility that can help “Robert”, but shaming him and banning him from camp until he hands over the money he took. Not much is said about the fact he’s molested people. The group agrees to get in touch with “Robert” and asks him how to do that. His reply:

Robert: I have Facebook.

But of course you do. Continue reading

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Manhunt for Raleigh Occupier -UPDATED – Taylor Dead.

UPDATE:   Taylor found dead. ABC 11 Reports: “Taylor was found dead Thursday in a barn less than a mile away from the store. “At this point, it’s an apparent suicide,” said Wendell Police Chief Vance Johnson. “The investigation is continuing … Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

So, Money is not speech? What about the tent you wrote that little gem on? Did the tent fairy bring it? Oops! You know what else is not speech? Tenting out in a vacation lot you’re paying $400 a month in rent for in protest of Corporate Greed. That’s called camping — and overpaying for your site to boot. The irony of that just makes me chuckle. Continue reading

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