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Hey NCAE, Where Are Those ‘Walk In’ Links?

Yesterday I wrote about a flyer that came home in the homework and take-home folders of hundreds of kids at Holly Ridge Elementary. That flyer is posted below. I also posted an image of the ‘Walk In’ protest event being promoted by a teacher during the workday on Monday using an official email. The story took on a life of its own and within hours it was clear the ‘Walk In’ being promoted in that flyer was being promoted through official channels in multiple locations throughout the state.

Yes, I am calling this a protest. When one sends out a flyer like the one below, advocating for one side of an issue, that could be called ‘raising awareness’…in political correctness speak. Events where you are speaking out against something, calling attention to something or are asking for people to join you in doing so are usually called protests. Speak out? Be heard? That’s protesting… and THAT’S OK. Continue reading

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Facebook Fail: Crowder Video vs Zimmerman Hate Pages

Facebook recently pulled Steven Crowder’s video about the Zimmerman trial, claiming it violated their policies. This is not the first time in recent memory this has happened to Conservatives. Todd Starnes and Chicks on the Right also have encountered this.

The Blaze on Crowder’s video:

Comedian Steven Crowder is known for his comical — and, often times, edgy — viral videos. Keeping up with current events as he typically does, the performer posted a video on Facebook last week surrounding the George Zimmerman trial. Little did he know that the social media platform would inevitably ban the clip, citing a “hate speech” violation.

So the video was a hate speech violation? Dear Facebook, you’re rife with hypocrisy. Mind explaining how you can ban a video mocking trial testimony when these hate pages exist?: Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Explosion – FB Page created in March?

A liker of my Facebook page for LL1885 was browsing the numerous pages that popped up this afternoon on Facebook related to the Boston Marathon bombings. This liker came across one that was created March 2013, screenshot below:

When I scoured the pages set up on Facebook that also contained this cover page, I found all but one were created today. The page that did not list its specific creation date displays some very graphic images. This page didn’t list its creation date but instead was set to hide that detail and displayed the banner ‘Founded in 2013’. What the Hell?


Since I’ve been slammed with emails, comments etc since posting this an hour or so ago – I’d like to state the obvious: Yes, I know you can change your Facebook page name at will. Yes, I also know this crap happened with Sandy Hook and other incidents. So seriously, calm down folks.

I posted this because no matter how you look at it, it’s weird. Not to mention, totally ghoulish that someone would have random pages sitting out there inactive just waiting for a crisis to attach themselves too as was likely the case here. Continue reading

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Is Facebook Censoring Conservatives Again?

There was a page called the Stamp Act Protest of 2013 page earlier this afternoon on Facebook. I tried to go to it just not and got an error page that directed me back to the main site. I know it was there earlier, however — here’s the cached page screen grab: Continue reading

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People Like This…

It’s people like this commenter ob my Facebook page that make me nervous for November and for this country: (image) Continue reading

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Occupy Seattle Facebook Sees Blowback

MEH DAY!!! OH NOES, WE’VE BEEN INFILTRATED! Some of the users on the Occupy Seattle Facebook page are not amused regarding the property destruction and violence that occurred at yesterday’s May Day protests.  There’s some foul language in these posts, … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A DNC Stalker

How did a Syracuse Organizing for America Fundraiser get my email address to send me a request to donate to Obama’s campaign? I’m thinking Facebook. Continue reading

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