Son of New Mexico State Democrat Charged In Drive-By Shooting

The son of New Mexico state legislator, Democrat Stephanie Maez, has been charged in a drive-by shooting.

Albuquerque Journal:

A popular 17-year-old high school athlete killed by a bullet fired from outside a house during a summer get-together of teens. Friends said Jaydon Chavez-Silver, who was killed when a bullet hit him in the neck as he watched friends play cards, didn’t have a beef with anyone. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Late Friday, police provided a piece to the puzzle when they arrested a young man whom they believe was involved in the shooting that night.

The teenager they arrested, 18-year-old Donovan Maez, is the son of state Rep. Stephanie Maez, D-Albuquerque.


He was charged with an open count of murder, child abuse resulting in great bodily harm or death, three counts of child abuse, assault with intent to commit a violent felony, 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, shooting at or from a motor vehicle and conspiracy to commit a first- or second-degree felony and booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center.

The article goes on to say Maez’s son has a criminal record including breaking and entering and drug related issues.

The article isn’t clear on how the gun(s) were obtained or who used the gun(s) involved in the shooting.

Rep. Maez is the sponsor of a bill titled, “Negligent storage of firearms“.   Related article here.

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  1. Kathy says:

    The Democrats and the media will find a way to blame Bush instead of the mother or the criminal teenager.


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