#DM7 Article: Big Brother For Social Justice

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech guy column: Big Brother For Social Justice

By A.P. Dillon

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the new HUD rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH):

This rule is basically forced economic integration. It’s making sure everyone gets their ‘fair share’ — or in this case, their fair house as determined by HUD.

This is the federal government engaged in social engineering, the consequences of which will ripple through politics, voting, taxes and education, and that’s just for starters.

This week, the NY Post reported on the Obama administration’s ‘secret race database‘:

A key part of President Obama’s legacy will be the fed’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race. The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.”

Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites.

The NY Post notes multiple sources of data and touches on the collection of disciplinary data collected by school districts and states.  The NY Post’s article cites the Civil Rights Data Collection survey (CRDC), but misses key information about it.

Missouri Education Watchdog notes that the CRDC goes back to 1968, but in recent years has expanded what is collected and how often. Also in the Missouri Education Watchdog piece is mention of the AFFH as a vehicle for ‘solving’ disproportionate education spending.

I want to look a bit closer at the student data so that the public can see just how rich a source of information it will be in the wrong hands.

Some student data history
By Law, the U.S. Department of Education is prohibited from creating a national database or system. However, in 2009, states were incentivized with Stimulus funds to build Statewide Longitudinal Database Systems (SLDS).

The U.S. Department of Education is also prohibited from dictating standards or curriculum, but with the advent of Common Core, the Race To The Top grant money was used again to fiscally rope states into using the standards.

In 2013 testimony before a Missouri legislature Education committee, American Principles Fellow Jane Robbins laid bare the path of the data collected by these systems:

Here is an example of what the U.S. Department wants to do with student data. It is now in a joint venture with the U.S. Department of Labor to use education data for workforce-training programs. The Department of Labor makes no bones about its intention to access “individual-level data” from education records. With access to students’ personal information from the SMARTER Balanced tests and elsewhere, and with the new regulations that gut the protections of federal privacy law, there are very few obstacles in the path of the federal bureaucrats’ knowing — and sharing — everything there is to know about our children.

I encourage the public to read Robbins’ whole testimony. In addition Home School Defense League has a 2013 article on this topic well worth your time.

The Race To The Top  grant also required states to construct an enhanced Statewide Longitudinal Database System (SLDS) or P-20 database. P-20 tracks the child from Pre-K through entry into the workforce. No child’s data will go unmined.

Some of the data sets going into the SLDS include items that have been collected on children for a number of years and many of which are benign.

However, some of the data being collected on our kids isn’t so benign, as evidenced by the type of information being collected by an invasive and arguably illegal ‘health assessment form‘ in North Carolina.

Invasive Mining Of Our Children
The North Carolina ‘health assessment form‘ was created by the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in conjunction with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  The form includes querying whether or not the child’s genitals are ‘normal or abnormal’ and various emotional and social development questions.

What’s worse is the signature panel on it, whereby parents are being asked to sign over their child’s medical and developmental history to DPI and DHHS.  These two agencies can then contact and discuss your child’s medical history without the parents.

This North Carolina health assessment form also asks for the child’s date of birth, health insurance information and race.

It is unclear if this data is in any one or multiple North Carolina databases, including the SLDS. However, some database has it, since this form is already directly being used to ‘track the fat kids‘.

Since we can ‘track the fat kids’,  this data can definitely be used to track the white kids, the black kids, the latino kids… You get the picture —  Big Brother for Social Justice.

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