#DM7 Article: Boy Scouts, Interrupted.

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy column: Boy Scouts, Interrupted.

By A.P. Dillon

Last week, I wrote about the assault on boyhood in my column, Boy, Interrupted. This week’s column is an extension of this topic highlighting the Boy Scouts, hence the title.

The assault on Boyhood has many forms. Here’s an example via the Washington Times:

The Boy Scouts of America, an organization with semi-military origins, has put out approved activities for its members, and water gun fights are strictly prohibited.

A blog for the organization’s leaders said May 6 that pointing simulated firearms at people is not allowed.

“Why the rule? A Scouter once told me this explanation I liked quite a bit: A Scout is kind. What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?” said Bryan Wendell on the scouting website.

Wow. Boyscouts, interrupted.

Remember the slew of stories over the past few years of young boys being suspended from school for gun related gestures, drawings or pastries nibbled into a shape resembling a gun?

This is more of the same hysterical lunacy and to be “kind”,  it’s stupid. This isn’t about ‘kindness’, this is about a two-pronged agenda.

Prong one: Guns are bad. So sayeth our liberal friends who continually misinterpret and bash the Second Amendment in an effort to disarm our citizenry.

Prong two: Strip boys of the type play they have engaged in for as long as boys have been boys. In other words, emasculate them while they are young and impressionable.

Here’s a few basic facts that is true of almost all boys – past and present: They inexplicably come pre-programmed to love cars, win at games and can make explosion noises of a wide variety.

Boys also like to play cops and robbers or slay the monster type games. This is instinctual and vital play; it fosters the inherent instinct to protect ourselves and those we love.  Hi, survival of the species?

Choreographing and corralling play can cut off big lessons about life, consequences of actions and stunts the growth of personal responsibility.

Again, I say stand up for Boyhood and the future manhood of our sons.

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