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The media has been digging over the last six days not only into the release of Bowe Bergdahl, but into the series of events that led up to his “walking away from his post” and what occurred there after.   The prisoner swap for Bowe Bergdahl’s release of the “five most dangerous detainees” in GITMO has churned up bi-partisan anger, concerns for our current military serving overseas and questions of constitutionality. 

Many in D.C. agree that giving in to the demands of the Taliban for thier version of a command structure “Dream Team”  was NOT worth the trade of one soldier with a “questionable” history and alleged desertion charges.

There has also been  a firestorm of back lash against President Obama appearing arm-in-arm with Bowes’ father Robert Bergdahl in the Rose Garden to announce his release from his Haqqani “captors”.   Robert Bergdahl, who stood next to President Obama, and spoke Pashto (the native language of Afghanistan) to deliver a prayer and address Bowe directly.  Investigations into conversion to Islam, collaborating with the enemy, and questions regarding both Bowe Bergdahl’s allegiances as well as his fathers have surfaced.   A report came out from a WND Exclusive regarding Robert Bergdahl’s YouTube account, deleted tweets, and some questionable comments on those accounts.

I began questioning as well and went further into Robert Bergdahl’s social media habits.  A few disturbing things have surfaced.   Doug Ross of DirectorBlue and I collaborated on a story regarding Bowe Bergdahl’s father Robert and connections on his Google+ social media account.  Mr. Bergdahl has only 6 people “In His Circles”, but one specifically stood out:

From Doug Ross @ Journal

WELL, THIS IS INTERESTING: Looks Like Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Was in Contact With Al Qaeda

Liberty Speaks co-blogger “Lady Liberty” contacted me earlier today with some interesting information.

It would appear that the father of Bowe Bergdahl, the AWOL/deserter swapped for five bloodthirsty terrorist leaders, has been in communication with member(s) of Al Qaeda.

On Google Plus, Robert Bergdahl‘s contacts include one “Anissa bint Yusuf Zaid Ibn Youssef.”



Continue here to read the full article….

To be fair, I understand a fathers desire to get his son back at any cost.  I understand a President embroiled in scandal, specifically the VA, wanting to “tout” a foreign policy decision to get the military back on his side, (though I personally believe it was not in the best interest of our country).  What I don’t understand is this:

Why would an American citizen have direct contact with a “self proclaimed” Al Qaeda employee who celebrates the deaths of Americans on her website and praises Bin Laden?

Why would a President of the United States not know or maybe overlook the recent social media habits of an individual standing next to him at the White House regardless of the situation?

Thank you Doug for the collaboration and I still have questions…..

*SIDE NOTE:  It has been announced with in the last 24 hours that the FBI is currently investigating and monitoring death threats to the Bergdahl family and the Town of Haley, Idaho has been inundated with hate mail since Sgt Bowe Bergdahls release.

I will not condone nor tolerate any violence or violent rhetoric on this story.   I am just reporting what I have found.


Thank you Doug Ross Journal for linking

American Thinker linked to original story on Doug Ross Journal

Gateway Pundit linked to original story on Doug Ross Journal

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7 Responses to Robert Bergdahl: In His Circles

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  2. Warmongerel says:

    I keep hearing that Bob Bergdahl was only adopting these Muslim characteristics to appeal to his son’s captors.

    At the time of his Rose Garden “shout out” to the Taliban, his son was already FREE! Taliban Bob could have shaved off his beard and told the Taliban to piss off in Hebrew. The Taliban could have done nothing.

    The guy is a Muslim convert. Looks like his kid is, too.


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      That very reason of him doing this when the deal was already done is why I started digging. Now given the fact the father was in “contact” with bad players specifically the “self proclaimed” Al Qaeda, and with information coming out the parents had access to briefings/meetings with high level intel through CentCom, I have to ask the questions….Who benefited from this access? Was the Whitehouse aware of the fathers online “habits”? Was information exchanged either purposefully or not? No matter how you look at this the optics are disconcerting at the very least and the possibility of aiding the enemy at worst exists.


  3. JimWestCoast says:

    Dig a little further than Bob Bergdahl’s contact, ‘Assina bint Yussef ibn Yussef’.

    There are a few other contacts with social media connections to various Islamist groups eg Hezbollah Mujadhadeen, Malaysian Mujahadeen, et al.

    Qari Attok’s page with similar connections:

    Hayatallah Khan’s page with similar connections:

    Asad Afghan’s page with lots of connections and jihad films as well;


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      Jim, thank you for the links to the other accts. I had looked into the other accounts and I agree with your assertions. However, the reason why I focused on Anissa bint Yusuf Zaid Ibn Youssef is that she is very active on her blog site, as well as the Google+ account. I mean VERY ACTIVE! It took me two and half hours to get through the account postings. What I found was disturbing as hell. Praises to Bin Laden, videos of Americans being killed, praising suicide bombers as Martyrs. Discussions with and to Taliban commanders, and Al Qaeda. Again I will say I understand a father doing everything he can to free his son, but This opened up many more questions then giving answers. I am still digging.


      • JimWestCoast says:

        Thank you for the reply. As I went through those connections I was a horrified. I understand why a parent would try to do everything to help their child but there are limits and contacting these groups is beyond that limit. The ends(freeing Bowe) do not justify the means(grovelling, pandering , and possibly collaborating with Islamofascists). As you’ve pointed out, now there are reports that the Bergdahl’s were in on military meetings and were given access to some pretty vital information. If it is true that Bob Bergdahl was in communications with these Islamofascist groups, I can only hope at this point that sensitive information wasn’t revealed.

        The whole thing is just staggering.

        Keep up the good work.


      • Liberty Speaks says:

        Jim, thought you would appreciate getting an update regarding this…


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