The Democrat Candidate and the Sex Offender

I haven’t been commenting on too many stories outside of Benghazi, Moral Monday and Common Core these days, but this one by Moe Lane at Townhall caught my eye, Martha Robertson (D CAND, New York-23) to accept fundraiser from child molester. Apparently, convicted child molester, Peter Yarrow, is headlining a fundraiser for Robertson and she’s seemingly nonplussed about his past. My revulsion meter just went off the charts. What is it with NY and sexual deviants? Moe Lane sums it up:

Look, I will conceal nothing from you: that last quote is the sort of quote that any competent spokesman or spokeswoman for any political organization longs to be able to use against a political opponent. And do you know why? Because it is absolutely deplorable that Martha Robertson would kick off her congressional campaign by having a convicted sex offender headline her fundraiserPeter Yarrow was 31; the girl was 14. It took a Presidential pardon from Jimmy Carter (completely coincidentally, Yarrow was at the time married to Eugene McCarthy’s niece) to make said conviction go away.

Go read the whole thing, it’s not that long. There is more at Smart Girl Politics.

My take as a mom?

GOOD GOD.  What in the world is Robertson thinking? Seriously? A registered sex offender  is going to perform at your campaign kick off — this must be a new political template for NY. Spitzer and hookers, Weiner and his weiner. Now sex offender kick offs. What a family friendly event. What kind of message does that send? War on Young Women? Lovely.

Where is the media here? Oh, wait — sorry. This is the MSM we’re talking about. They have their narratives and aren’t budging. Besides, it would draw attention to the fact Jimmy Carter pardoned him. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if MSNBC had Dan Savage on to defend this event.

Yarrow thinks he did nothing wrong, emphasis added is mine:

Mr. Yarrow sounds a little sad, but clearly unsurprised, when the subject comes up. “It was 35 [actually, 36] years ago. You know, you make mistakes,” he says. “You feel terrible about it, make your amends. In that time, it was common practice, unfortunately–– the whole groupie thing.  Source: Jewish Survivors blogspot

Common practice to molest teenage girls? If only there had been an adult in the room… oh wait, there was! Yarrow was 31, the girl was 14.  Flashback to 2005ish – Ace of Spades is a lot less nice than I am.

Dear Ms. Robertson – Take heed as to what became of Anthony Weiner and please, find a moral compass. These days in politics, that’s asking a lot.

Bonus Creepiness:

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