This Is What Democrazy Looks Like (7/30/12)

This Is What Democrazy Looks Like

Prior Democrazy update for 6/24/12

DEATHS attributed to #OWS: 19

COST Of Occupy:  Approx. $41,243,827*

  • John Sexton’s Tally from May 12, 2012: $29,110,827
  • *This total is not by any means complete and may contain redundancy. I base my total based off the previous tabulation in the link above. Please email any corrections or additions to:

As far as I can tell, the links below constitute $11,750,383 in new expenditures. The NYPD set aside $6 million for Occupy but report a total of $17 million actually spent; adjusting the total to $11 million additional costs for NYC.

ARRESTS:  As of 7-29-12 = 7,379*

* Not Including the count of occupiers from London arrested “bike protesting’.

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LL1885’s YouTube Occupy Playlists (#1, #2 and #3)

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