#ThrowBackThursday: Thanksgiving Day Edition

1985 was a wonderful year.

  • The band Ah-Ha brought us one of the coolest videos of all time for the song “Take On Me’.
  • Director John Hughes gave us a movie that truly defined a generation with “The Breakfast Club”.
  • Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls wins Rookie of the Year and proves to the world that you can “fly like an eagle”.
  • The most awesome NBA Championship series takes place between the Lakers and Celtics (The Lakers winning of course!)

Something else occurred in 1985.

Our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, was inaugurated for a second time.  Why is this important today?  Thanksgiving day of all days?  My answer to you is quite simple.

President Reagan gave a Thanksgiving Day address that encompasses who were are, and who we should be as a nation

This address will always stand the test of time if we hold true to ourselves and our beliefs.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

-Liberty Speaks

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Individualism is better than Collectivism, and the truth will always win over blind rhetoric. My friend, A. P. Dillon, founder of LadyLiberty1885.com, calls me "Digger" for good reason. I am the owner/founder of The Tempest Wire https://thetempestwire.com/ and the Castellan of the Keep on https://thecastlekeepblog.wordpress.com -LS
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