#ISISMediaBlackOut – propaganda TANGO DOWN

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Everyone who has followed me on Lady Liberty 1885 knows that I cherish the First Amendment.  You all know that even if sometimes I do not agree with what is said, I will fight for your right to say it.

That all changed yesterday when the ISIS terrorist propaganda machine began.  After the senseless, unfathomable slaughter of US Journalist James Foley;  ISIS began invading the worlds social media with messages of Jihad, hate, and recruitment.  Gruesome pictures started to pop up on Twitter, Videos of his murder were being shared, tweeted, and re-tweeted by various accounts.  The Twitter-verse became an ugly forum for these animals and their sympathizers.  I have a message for those who posted the pictures and videos of his murder and to those who saw fit to dishonor the memory of James Foley and cause further harm to his family and friends by re-tweeting this terrorist propaganda:

We Win, You Lose

The #ISISMediaBlackOut was launched and I can tell you there are thousands out there.   According to the Washington Post:

It appears to have originated with a woman using the Twitter handle @LibyaLiberty.

“Amputate their reach,” she said in one tweet. “Pour water on their flame.”

It wasn’t long after that a coordinated effort was launched.  Twitter announced Wednesday that it is “actively” suspending accounts that share the gory images.

Others active on Twitter took up the challenge.  Within the last few hours calls to report, flag, and block all accounts that could be found that posted this filth, and included the hash tags that sponsored it was initiated.    It became  Mission:  #ISISmediaBlackout

JΞSTΞR ✪ ACTUAL™  who many on Twitter knows him to be a “Hacktivist for Good”  called upon his friends and followers (including myself) to join him on Twitter’s #ISISMediaBlackout effort in shining a light on the accounts posting the images.   With in two hours 19 accounts had been reported and suspended.  Countless others had been reported and flagged for posting the video, images, and the terrorist propaganda.   Mission accomplished.  TANGO DOWN.

I personally give a shout out to Jester and his many friends and followers on Twitter for this effort.  It was OUTSTANDING.  I say to the terrorists:

Never underestimate the power of a group of Patriots when they get together on a common cause.

Ladies and Gentlemen this type of evil is very real.  It is up to us to stop any and all propaganda that this organization tries to throw out at us.  If we don’t make a stand and do it now, how long do you think it will be before it goes beyond our ability to stop it?

I am sure there will be many stories to come  honoring the memory of James Foley.  Here are just a few I found I would like to share:

Colleagues remember James Foley

On James Foley by Max Fisher

This is How we should remember James Foley


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