Chamber Watch: Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Watch: Keeping an eye on the Chambers of Commerce Core

Today’s article is on the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. Connie Majure-Rhett, president and CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, wants you to know that Common Core is not a curriculum. We’ve come full circle folks. Defenders of the Core have returned to their first major talking point: “It’s just a set of standards”.   


Excerpt from Lumina News:

“We feel like there’s a lot of misinformation about Common Core. It’s not a curriculum. It’s what kids are expected to be able to do as they move from grade to grade. It is trying to pull our children’s education level up to the point that they are productive members of the workforce,” said Connie Majure-Rhett, president and CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, during a June 10 phone interview.

Majure-Rhett said she was worried about how business recruiters’ perception of North Carolina would change following a repeal.

“North Carolina has always been known as a great education state … and every time we make a decision that dings education, it doesn’t play well … in terms of recruiting business,” Majure-Rhett said.

Majure-Rhett acknowledged that there was undoubtedly a learning curve for educators and administrators in implementing such a huge change but believes the standards still need time to work.

“I feel pretty strongly that this was the right move for North Carolina … and I hate to see us reversing or changing courses. We don’t even know if it will work. We haven’t given it enough time to work,” Majure-Rhett said.

Worried about changing course? I’m surprised she didn’t use the word abruptly in that last statement like the other chamber proponents are. They are all intently worried about an “abrupt change” or that it will create instability. Funny, none of them were worried when we abruptly changed to Common Core and total chaos and instability ensued.


Why We Keep An Eye On The Chambers Of Commerce Core

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is heavily vested in promoting and pushing Common Core. As push back has grown, Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan has been pushing the US Chamber to apply more pressure. State and regional Chambers have followed this lead, blanketing papers with op-eds, running television ads and billboards. In North Carolina, the NC Chamber of Commerce has been documented as a clear supporter of Common Core and have created a special education initiative called “Hire Standards” to push Common Core.

How big and hard is the NC Chamber pushing Common Core? Public Schools Forum NC board member and former NC Legislator, Gene Arnold, said outright on local television show, NCSPIN, that the Chamber would choke off campaign contributions to candidates who did not support the Common Core. Direct quote:

“The big stick the business people are using is the threat with campaign contributions could slow down.” – Gene Arnold, NCSPIN 5/15/14 (video)


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