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I am submitting this post with little comment. My heart breaks thinking about this. My prayers go out to the families of the injured and the dead. This is not a time for politics. This is a time to come together and do what needs to be done for those who need us.

Important Links First, more via REDDIT:

These links below are in no particular order. Disgusting ghoul links are at the bottom.

NRO: Boston Marathon Updates, The Explosion

Atlantic: Stories of Kindness After the Bombing


NY Post: Terror attack strikes Boston Marathon, more than 130 injured; person of interest ID’d

Daily Caller: Shocking video shows Boston explosions, Twin explosions rock the finish line of the Boston Marathon [SLIDESHOW]

Lucianne: Child aged EIGHT among two dead as ´suspect´ is held after TWO bombs explode at race finishing line, leaving 132 more injured

Newser: Boy, 8, One of 3 Killed in Marathon Bombing

Daily Mail: Boston Marathon bomber planted SEVEN devices but only two went off

Mail Online: Boston Explosions: Eyewitnesses reveal horror of aftermath of bomb blasts

Twitchy: Boston police reportedly on lookout for ‘darker-skinned male,’ possibly foreign national

AP: Security beefed up worldwide after Boston blasts, History of US bombings, failed attempts

Zero Hedge: Stunning Video Of Boston Explosion

Anchoress: Pray for Boston Victims, First Responders

Sister Toldjah: #WeAreAllBoston – Please pray for Boston and the #BostonMarathon victims (UPDATED

Doug Ross: Boston Marathon Attack Map: Before and After Photos [Graphic]

Reason: Video Sums Up the Horror of the Boston Marathon Blasts

VodkaPundit: PHOTOS: Two Explosions at Boston Marathon

Powerline: One Word on the Boston Massacre

Hot Air: Boston bombing, late-night thread: FBI takes over investigation as Boston cares for the wounded; Update: Authorities say JFK library fire likely unrelated; Update: Injury toll over 140

The Blaze: Read Actor’s Inspirational Message on Humanity’s Inherent Goodness Following Marathon Bombings, How You Can Help in the Wake of the Boston Marathon Tragedy — and What Others Are Doing Also: Marathon Mayhem Video #8: Clearest, Closest, and Loudest Video of the Blasts Yet More videos HERE.

PJ Tatler: Horror: Explosions, Injuries at the Boston Marathon (Update: Boston Police Deny that Any ‘Person of Interest’ Is In Custody)

Jammie Wearing Fools: Explosions Rock Finish Line at Boston Marathon; Update: 12 Dead, Saudi National Held as Suspect

Legal Insurrection: Explosions at Boston Marathon finish line

Ace: BOLO Out for Suspect

The Other McCain: When You Report Breaking News, Be Like Joe Friday: ‘Just the Facts, Ma’am’

Lonely Conservative: Chaos, Terror At Boston Marathon After Explosions – Updated

Gateway Pundit: Boston Update: 5 Undetonated Explosives Found in Boston Area and Saudi Man in “Custody”

Atlas Shrugs: “Authorities question Saudi national in Boston attack”, VIDEO: Live footage of Boston Marathon Jihad bombing

Nice Deb: Boston Massacre: Up to 12 Dead, 60 Wounded As Explosions Rock Boston Marathon Finish Line

Weasel Zippers: Chair Of House Homeland Security Committee Says Police Have “A Person Of Interest In Custody” Related To Boston Bombing, Video From CCTV Shows Man Planting Bombs Used In Boston Terror Attack, Also -WARNING – Gruesome Video.

SooperMexican: Video, Pictures of Explosions at Boston Marathon; Possible Terrorist Attack

Iconic Surrealism: Raw Footage: Bombs Explode At Boston Marathon Numerous Injuries & Casualties Updated: 3rd Bombing At JFK Library [Image]

Wizbang: Bombs Explode at the Boston Marathon

CNN: Obama makes statement on Boston bombings

And then there were the idiots…

Ghoul Central

Twitchy: No, these are not photos of child killed in Boston Marathon explosion

Twitchy: Detective Chris Matthews speculates on tax day, JFK connection to Boston bombing

Twitchy: Another Boston Marathon Truther: Cynthia McKinney blames police for bombing

Breitbart: Fat, Drunk, & Matthews Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son

Breitbart: Politicizing tragedy, Michael Moore on Boston Bombings: ‘Tax Day. Patriots Day.’

Reason: Less Than Four Hours After Boston Bombings, There’s a Theory For Whatever You Want

Hot Air: Video: CNN’s Blitzer indulges in the irresistible urge to speculate

Right Scoop: Chris Matthews: Domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right

Gateway Pundit: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah Cheer Boston Marathon Bombings, Jordanian Islamist on Boston Bombings: “Happy to See the Horror in America”

Atlas Shrugs: Muslims Praise Boston Bombing

The Blaze: With Absolutely No Evidence, Alex Jones Calls Boston Marathon Explosions a ‘False Flag’ Operation Conducted by the Gov’t

My own Post at LL1885: Boston Marathon Explosion – FB Page created in March?

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