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US Veterans & Zombies: This Will Be Epic!

*Since writing this article 4 year ago, the documentary “Not A War Story” came out.  Updates on this can be found below this post So you think Hollywood does a bang-up job at portraying our Veterans?  Movie after movie has … Continue reading

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What Is It With Liberals and Zombies?

Seriously. What is it with Liberals and their zombie fixation? Is it linked to their love of dead voters or something? I love a good zombie flick and am admittedly a Walking Dead fan, but this is ridiculous:


“I’m not sure which is worse– suggesting murder as a fun way to win elections, or the racist/demeaning ethnic, cultural, and sexual stereotypes of the “Liberal Heroes.” – Ace

Who says you have to choose? Both are equally repugnant. I wonder if somewhere a riot will break out over this obscure little video.

This pile of video is nothing but unimaginative and gratuitous gore. To add insult to decapitation, they’re using really bad fake blood. This is the kind of video that’s past parody and is in the realm of yawn inducing.

If you’re working with zombies or the evil undead, a bit of gore is required . Having said that, you have to have some of it implied. Change it up a bit, throw a curve! If you can’t imply, make it fantastical. These people who made this video clearly have never studied The Master. At the very least, have some style. Let Tallahassee show you how it is done (NSFW langauge etc).


By the way this isn’t the first time the Liberal’s have used Zombies. Remember the Zombie Tea Party game? Heck, just last week Joss Whedon invoked the Zombie Apocalypse when talking about Mitt Romney. Gotta love this new tone bullshit. Continue reading

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