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Anti-Bullying Specialists in Maryland Commit Act of Bullying

A dispatch from the Free Speech Suppression In Our Schools Files:

Todd Starnes at FOX news has an article titled, Student punished for criticizing vegetarian Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Video of a Fight in NC Schools – #nced #ncdpi

Last Fall, I wrote about the questions raised by how common place fighting in Wake county schools was becoming.

These fights were being recorded often times with cell phones and uploaded to a Twitter account called #30SecondFights as well as other social media platforms. It came out that Raleigh police had responded to over 200 calls about fights from Wake County Schools.

Well now we have the same type of thing happening in Mecklenburg.

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#WCPSS Lets Kid Who Threatened Another Kid With A Gun Back To SAME School

Did any Apex parents hear about this incident last year? I’m thinking no, since I can’t find coverage of the original incident anywhere in our local media. In Oct. 2014, a boy brought a firearm to Apex Middle School and … Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Procrustes In America

My weekly column is up at Da Tech Guy blog. This is a reposting of Procrustes in America.


By A.P. Dillon

Have you heard of the Greek myth of Procrustes? As the myth goes, Procrustes was a bandit and a metal smith from Attica and was also the son of Poseidon. His claim to fame was that he would attack people and force them to fit an iron bed. Procrustes would do so by either stretching their bodies out or cutting off limbs to make the person fit.

Procrustes is alive and well in the United States of America. Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance Is Literally For The Little People

In my own state of NC, we see that Zero Tolerance policies only apply to the Little People – the students. WRAL is reporting that an “employee” of Wayne county schools donned a black mask and carried a fake gun into a classroom as part of a “citizenship enrichment lesson”.

I’d like to know what the definition of “citizenship enrichment lesson” is at this school. Is it a citizenship lesson similar to the recent one scrapping parts of the Constitution? Maybe a better awareness of one’s surroundings might be defending oneself against rape at school. Also, why WRAL is calling this person simply an “employee”? Last time I checked, people who worked in classrooms in schools were called Teachers. Maybe this person isn’t the actual teacher but an administrator or other position? We don’t know, the school won’t say.

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