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The Hunt Institute and YouTube Common Core Ads

While poking around on YouTube, I happened across the an advertisement for the Common Core. It was sponsored by the Hunt Institute. I know, you’re shocked right?

Just a quick reminder, the Hunt Institute has received millions (nearly $11 million) from the Gates Foundation for supporting and promoting the Common Core.
The Hunt Institute is also holding hands with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in promoting the Core in North Carolina and have been from the very start. See the last line of the last page of this presentation made to the NC State Board of Education in 2010 by the NC Department of Public Instruction.
YouTube ads tailor themselves by pulling content relevant your IP address (and also browsing history), so it would appear this ad was in part intended to target North Carolina audiences. Still trying to reach the majority of people have never heard of ‘the greatest education reform’? A day late and a dollar short perhaps? NC’s about to repeal Common Core. Continue reading

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NC NAACP’s Rev. Barber Engages In #ShutUppery PT 2

Hey, remember when I posted that article on Reverend Barber engaging in meaningful dialogue at at “press conference” with Betsy Meads, the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County? Come on, you remember — Reverend Barber was telling the crowd how “We’re not gonna just shoot one bullet, we’re gonna shoot ‘em all.”


Well, I commented on the related video on YouTube and a funny thing happened. More #ShutUppery! This was special #ShutUppery though. I got into a little tit-for-tat with a young man named Eric Preston. After a few exchanges, a comment was removed before I could reply to it. Continue reading

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The Anarchist Trolling Me On YouTube

Meet KillaKillaKevvy — anarchist troll who doesn’t understand what venture capitalism is, but it must be evil! I can’t decide if he’s just stupid or high. Likely both.

With titles like “sucking your own dick” and “You wish you were this evil”, I’d laugh if it weren’t just so incredibly pathetic. A sample:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Uxd_z-o1g&feature=plcp] Continue reading

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If you have ever read The Jawa Report, you know YouTube is rife with Jihad videos. These videos clearly are violations of YouTube policy yet they remain and linger. Recent attacks by Muslims on our Embassies in the Middle East are allegedly spurred on by a movie which is available on YouTube that insults Islam. White House Dhimmi Carney repeated this accusation which holds about as much water as a boat made of Swiss cheese.


Testing YouTube’s ‘Promotes Terrorism’ Flagging Feature For Videos Of Osama Bin Laden, 9/11, Al-Qaeda – The Results: 58 Of 100 Remain Active

Set aside for a moment that rioting, murdering and torching buildings over a movie is beyond the realm of absurd; these actions serve to make sure we know these savages are really demonstrating what they believe about freedom.

Related Reading:

YouTube to Obama Admin: The Video Stays Continue reading

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I couldn’t have come up with a better all-encompassing campaign theme for him than he did for himself. WTF. Win the Future is what he states it as, the rest of us know it really means What The F-bomb. Add … Continue reading

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