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You Didn’t Build That – Part Two

“We don’t believe that anybody is entitled to success in this country.”


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Charlotte Convention Motto: We Make This Possible

Charlotte unveiled it’s motto for the DNC – “We made this possible.”
Sounds a lot like “You didn’t build that.”
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Small Businesses & The Obama/Biden Campaign

Small businesses across the country are not pleased with the Obama/Biden campaign. One can hardly blame them. Obama’s “you didn’t build that” statement is not going away.
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Saturday Movie – ‘Someone Else Did That’ Philosophy

You didn’t Build that. Someone else did that for you. (VIDEOS & LINK AT END) Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

President Obama believe government is responsible for your success. He, like Elizabeth Warren, are Statists; carefully choosing their words to avoid being labeled full-fledged Socialists. There is no denying this after his statements the other day. Both of them share a scorn for individual success and for business. The flaw in their argument that “someone else made that happen” is that someone else paid for your success to happen and that allowed government to grant you the ability to succeed. Well that’s crap. We all ‘paid’ for it, as did those before us and those before us. We’ve paid it forward with our taxes and in some cases, our lives. Continue reading

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People Like This…

It’s people like this commenter ob my Facebook page that make me nervous for November and for this country: (image) Continue reading

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