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LL1885’s Year In Review: December

December is not over yet, but this is a look at the month up to around the 19th when I worked on this post. I will resume my blog break and return sometime in January but the specific date is not yet nailed down. My December posts are here.

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LL1885’s Year In Review: November

November was finally here. Election time. Barack Obama was elected for a second term after many accusations of voter fraud and related incidents in OH, NC, NV, PA, and in MI there were two incidents of voter intimidation.There were also voting machines that only vote Obama and polling place shenanigans. After winning, He promptly hit the golf course. His supporters displayed their typical graciousness. I had decided to take a blog break for the holidays regardless of who won.

Hurricane Sandy was still causing problems and people were still without power. Bloomberg made some really awesome decisions. Residents became very vocal . Very, Very vocal. By he 11th, around 121 had died due to the storm including W. VA candidate John Rose. Sandy was turning into Katrina all over again. One interesting nugget we found out is that electric cars catch fire when wet. Obama campaigned while Romney loaned his bus out and donated $5,000 for supplies.

General Petraeus resigned just days after the election, citing an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. The scandal didn’t stop there as a woman named Jill Kelley was pulled into the mix. Who knew what and when became hot issues. If the administration though this might distract from Benghazi, they were wrong. Obama figured this out and decided it was time to play the race/war on women card called Susan Rice by acting like a thug in his first press conference of the 2nd term. That backfired as the net take away was that he lied and sent her out to lie on purpose.

The October jobs report was pathetic and unemployment was 7.9%. Around 9,000 mining jobs were lost in October. Businesses that had been holding out to see if Romney was elected began their layoffs. There would be a second cluster of layoffs not long after. Business owners pointed to Obamacare for the layoffs and new surcharges. Obamacare wasn’t the only thing killing jobs, so were unions as Hostess was to find out.

In government, the Post Office gave us a preview of how well government runs businesses when it posted its $15.9 billion loss. We could hardly wait for Obamacare to be implemented fully; we were already seeing incredible wasteful spending. The Fiscal Cliff talks weren’t going very well, so instead of working with Congress, Obama went back to campaigning. The President even took off for overseas to avoid his job. Obama also forgot to tell all those students who voted for him that he cut Pell grants right before the election. This administration also was churning out new regulations at the rate of 68 per day.

The Obamacare time bomb would remain intact with the reelection of Obama. The premium hikes Conservatives warned of started to actually show up in the news. GOP governors pushed back and refused to set up exchanges.

Occupy 2.0 was launched. Social justice action groups composed of former ACORN staffers, Union members and Occupiers began pushing workers to walk out on their jobs and to demand a $15 minimum wage. Obama issued a memo detailing a ‘national insider threat’ – given DHS has the Tea Party and not Occupy listed as terror threats, we know who this memo was likely meant for.

Chicago remained violent for the eleventh straight month and the Left and media continued to ignore it. Al Qaeda was alive in the United States. A federal lawsuit exposed fraud at CAIR and the subsequent cover-up.

Larry Hagman passed away.

Internationally, the Obama admin was assisting the UN to push its small arms treaty. Obama kept up with his drone strikes. Tensions between Israel and Palestine heated up after HAMAS launched hundreds of rockets into Israel – one of which targeted Jerusalem. Most of the media showed their usual antisemitic bias in their coverage except for one AP reporter who took the State Department to task. Syrian refugees flooded into Turkey. In Mexico, the drug war death toll rose over 60,000.

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LL1885’s Year In Review: October

October brought us a month closer to the election. Democrats suddenly became believers in voter fraud since the evil GOP might be doing it. The GOP was even paying for votes! Even sons of sitting Representatives were busted attempting to defraud voters. Democrats even went after voter integrity protectors. Romney went to Louisana after hurricane Isaac hit and Obama figured out that was the right thing to do to.
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LL1885’s Year In Review: September

In September, our debt hit 16,015,769,788,215.80 . The budget deficit topped $1 trillion for the third time. We saw record breaking numbers like 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ and 25,792,000 Unemployed And Underemployed. Manufacturing declined again. The number of Americans on food stamps hit 46.7 million. The number of people enrolling for food stamps was nearly double the number of jobs added. Going by the real unemployment figures – the rate was really 11.7%. Meanwhile at the Democratic National Convention, Obama touts creating 4.5 Million jobs — which may be true but when you factor in how many HE LOST, the net gain is pathetic, as was the declining participation rates.
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LL1885’s Year In Review: August

August was kicked off my Chik-Fil-A Appreciation day. Long lines did not deter people and some fun was poked at liberals in the process. Of course, in true liberal fashion there was a counter-protest which failed on an epic level and they took their frustration out on innocent people. Chik-Fil-A did a huge business that day, much to the chagrin of Adam Smith — more widely known as the Chik-Fil-A drive thru abuser. His apology was unimpressive and patronizing. While Chik-Fil-A stood up to Leftist bullying, August national caved. The Left was pretty frustrated so then came the assault on the Boy Scouts.
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LL1885’s Year In Review: July

July saw Chicago’s shootings and violence continue. July was a very bloody month. No one was safe, including children. The police chief blamed pilgrims and said he was “making progress”. Also in July, we saw the Aurora theater shooting. The Left immediately screamed for gun control and Brian Ross blamed the Tea party. The shooting, of course, was racist. No one remembers their gun legislation history.

Race relations continued to deteriorate as more mobs attacked. They even attacked the disabled. This time someone died.

Andy Griffith died. Sally Ride also passed away.

8,733,461: The number of workers on disability. Jobs numbers missed their mark again, unexpectedly. 8.2% unemployment remained. New home sales fell to a 5 month low.

The Chevy Volt continued to be a super-flop.

Chik-Fil-A became the target of militant LGBT supporters for its stance on traditional marriage. The level of idiocy and faux outrage was amazing.

George Zimmerman had his bail adjusted to $1 million.

California headed closer to implosion with the passage of a $4.5 billion dollar high speed rail project. New Yorkers rebelled against Nanny Bloomberg and his big gulp ban.

Christians were stoned by Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan. Another terrorist was convicted of attempting to bomb us. The media largely ignored these and the plot against the president. Another one ignored, which was kinda huge was: Headlines You Won’t See: Iranian and Chinese Natls Indicted in Washington D.C. with conspiracy to violate IEEPA

In Government, the USDA used soap operas to push Food stamps to immigrants. The TSA moved into subways and other public locations so it could abuse people everywhere. Democrats backpedaled on Keystone. The Mayo Clinic admitted Jesse Jackson Jr. for ‘bipolar’ related issues. Michele Bachmann singled out Huma Abedin as an internal threat. Bachmann was right but nothing would come of it. The US Treasury saw its share of scandal. DHS got a power boost via executive order. DOJ stonewalled some more on Fast and Furious.

Drones were employed domestically. Lots of them.

Dinesh D’Souza’s movie continued to break records and passed Michael Moore in receipts.

Obama said we didn’t build our businesses. Promptly gets schooled by Bristol Palin. The media ignored the President’s Elizabeth Warren style gaffe for 5 days. The Green loan scam added another failure. The hits kept coming. Meanwhile, Obama promised 20 million to Africa for Green energy.

Abroad, Iran got cocky and made threats. Some of those threats were not idle. There were terror raids in the UK prior to the Olympics. The UK nabbed at least one terrorist casing the Olympic park. In Greece, unemployment hit a new record at 22.5%. In Nigeria, 50 Christians were burned alive. In Bulgaria there was a bus bombing by an Islamist that killed 40. Obama’s pals in Egypt met with HAMAS.

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LL1885’s Year In Review: May

April was another bloody month in Afghanistan. It wasn’t much better in Mexico where cartel violence continued including nine bodies hung from a bridge. Syria saw a terror attack kill 55 and wound another 375. Our southern border is a very dangerous place.

The Obama administration bungled things with Chinese dissident and blind activist Chen Guangcheng. In Egypt, Obama’s Arab spring produced two candidates for president – both wanting Jihad against the US.

The Obama administration continued its history of leaking intelligence information for political gain. Obama stupidly believes he can buy peace. Can’t wait until Zero Dark Thirty hits.

The Presidential campaign continued. Obama found himself using the same attacks he opposed in 2008. Go figure. Obama rolled out “Julia” – the creepy as Hell composite woman totally dependent on the government for her existence. Of course, hilarity ensued as Conservatives ripped Julia to shreds. I asked, Why Julia?

Obama’s attacks on Romney kept boomeranging back on him. Mitt Romney continued to pound Obama on the economy. The media focused like a laser in smearing Romney with anything they could. Jim Treacher was a one man army responding in kind.

Obama launched his new campaign slogan — FORWARD. The same slogan used by communist dictators and the Nazi’s. Fitting. So I launched Great Moments in #FORWARD.

We were introduced to the newly ‘evolved’ President, complete with Gaylo. Obama of course chickened out when it mattered. Idiotic NC Governor Bev Perdue opened her mouth and inserted her foot again. (NC’s Amendment one, banning gay marriage and adding an amendment to the state constitution, was on the ballot for the Primary.)

This was also the month President Narcissist jumped the shark.

Fauxcahontas saw more problems arise before her pale face and blue eyes.

Michelle Obama was still playing Food Nazi while stuffing her own face.

James O’Keefe turned his voter fraud investigation south into North Carolina. More here on NC. Small wonder he didn’t hit Florida though.

Contempt issued for Eric Holder by Issa.

Unemployment in the US hit 29.7 million and the BLS reports became a bad joke.

More emails came out of Climategate 2.

Michelle Goldberg took up Hilary Rosen’s mantle.

Anti-Sharia law passed in Kansas. Promptly attacked by the DOJ.

The Higher Education bubble came a little closer to bursting. Meanwhile, teachers in grade schools were busy pushing their politics on their students.

The knock-out game was back. So were flash mobs , race related assaults and faked gay hate crimes. Welcome to Obama’s Post Racial America.

George Zimmerman was arraigned. The media’s portrait of Zimmerman as a crazy, racist aggressor was crumbling. Of course, Bill Maher had a comment.

Donna Summer passed away. So did Robin Gibb.

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