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Obama’s Yemen Problem

This week, President Obama announced his intention to lift the ban on the transfer of prisoners from GITMO to Yemen.

President Obama will announce Thursday that the White House plans to lift the ban on sending detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Yemen, Fox News confirms, a move that could effectively resume efforts to close down the prison.

That effort, however, has been stymied because many countries don’t want the detainees or are unwilling or unable to guarantee that once transferred, detainees who may continue to be a threat will not be released.

There are currently about 166 prisoners at Guantanamo, and 86 have been approved for transfer as long as security restrictions are met.

This week, the Pentagon asked Congress for more than $450 million for maintaining and upgrading the Guantanamo prison. More than 100 of the prisoners have launched a hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention, and the military earlier this month was force-feeding 30 of them to keep them from starving to death. Source: FOX news

The Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Leopold notes that the Obama administration intends to start with 30 non-Yemeni detainees. Hagel will have to approve any orders for release, but there’s a reason Obama fought for him as the nominee and I’ve got a feeling this was part of the bigger picture. The Atlantic has some more background on this and hilariously links to ProPublica as a source.

I’ve written before about the problems with Obama’s intention to release various terrorists of Yemeni origin from GITMO. Yemen has been a hotbed of activity lately, despite this administrations best efforts to prop up the government and its military with weapons and drones.

Last Fall, Breitbart pointed out that one of the attackers in Benghazi was believed to be a former GITMO detainee:

President Barack Obama is about to release or transfer 55 Gitmo prisoners, despite reports that the Libyan believed to be behind the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a former Guantanamo inmate transferred to Libyan custody.

The large percentage of those scheduled to be released are Yemeni, according to a list made public by the Obama administration.

Obama stopped the release or transfer of Yemeni inmates in 2010, because the conditions in the country were viewed as too “unsettled” at the time.

Embedded in that snippet is the list of detainees being considered. Here at LL1885, we looked into some of their dossiers to see the threat assessment on them. From what we viewed, few of them seemingly have a threat assessment worthy of release; most had medium to high risk assessments.

For example, the last one on the release list is Belckacem Bensayah ISN 10001 with a threat assessment of HIGH risk to the US and its allies as well as being a HIGH intelligence value detainee; he has an extensive list of terrorist activities and known associations to Al Qaeda (begins on page 5): Continue reading

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The Morning Links (10/24/12)

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And the tax payers lose: Solyndra wins approval to exit bankruptcy protection
Four years later we get a booklet?: Obama Lays Out Second-Term Agenda With 20-Page Booklet Hey, you know who else gave out booklets?
Recovery?: Stocks hammered by weak earnings reports
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Hope and Change in CO: Four mass layoffs in Colorado in September Related: Size of Colorado bank accounts shrink last year, study says

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Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

New York Federal Reserve jihad plotter was VP of Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association
Al-Qaida’s No. 2 in Yemen says in audio he’s alive
Iraq: 9 killed in separate attacks in Baghdad
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New fighting erupts Saturday morning in Nuevo Laredo: 10 die
NYC Muslim Day Parade 2012 – Hate On Parade

Wait, what?:

Funeral for Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6, killed in theater shooting
4 shot in South Austin neighborhood in Chicago
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The New Tone & New Media:

Stacey Dash casts vote for Romney; Vicious Left says ‘Die bitch,’ ‘hope you get shot Uncle Tom’
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Occupy Whatever:

Note: will likely be dropping this section soon and incorporating news (if any) into ‘Wait, What?’

Pictures document Occupy movement

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The Morning Links (10/18/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Revealing Politics and Nice Deb

LL 1885′s Picks:

Paging Sheriff Joe: Senate Audit Exposes $18 Billion in Egregious Govt. Spending
Short answer: Hell no. : Congressman Issa Responds To DOJ’s Request to Dismiss Fast and Furious Legal Action
Romney was right: Record High Enrollment for Food Stamps: 46,681,833 Million
No plunging the Green Toilet: Taxpayers To Recover $0 On Solyndra
FORWARD: Obama Spox Jen Psaki – No Oil Drilling Bans under Obama.

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NY Times Inserts Itself Into Benghazi-gate

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Reporters Applaud Obama’s Debate Line About Romney’s Wealth
Assault Weapons Question Came From Registered Dem

Romney uses last Q to ANSWER it. Obama uses it to attack Romney when romney can’t answer – Cowardly #debate

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Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Pre-Trail Gitmo Hearings for KSM Resume
Suicide Attack Kills Six Yemen Militiamen
Insider Attack By Afghan Intelligence Employee Kills Two Americans In Kandahar
UK: NHS Doctor, Shajul Islam, Accused of Kidnapping 2 Journalists in Syria Makes 1st Court Appearance

Wait, what?:

Obama campaign held Muslim townhall at terror-linked Virginia mosque
WH Lists Prisoner Re-Entry Programs as Budget Priority–for Black Families Only
Antisemitism – -#AGoodJew Third Most Popular on French Twitter

The New Tone & New Media:

NewsBusted 10/16/12
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Occupy Whatever:

Sorry Kiddies: No Halloween Festivities This Year Due to Occupiers
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The Morning Links (10/12/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Creeping Sharia
LL 1885′s Picks:

Back to Isolation?: California man linked to anti-Islam film denies violating probation
‘Smart Diplomacy’ comes home to roost: NYPD on alert for jihad terror from Iran and Hizballah
Al Qaeda’s new home: Yemen Again. (Updates)
Funny Numbers: About that September Jobs Report…
Form letter for soldiers, personal ones for stars: Father angered by form letter from President Obama after son is killed in Afghanistan
Mooch: ‘Barack Has Done a Phenomenal Job Working Around a Congress…’
Delusional: Obama on his debate performance: I suppose “I was just too polite”
Racist in Chief: In 1994, Obama argued for affirmative action, against ‘return to good old-fashioned racism’

Must Reads Of The Day:

Benghazi Hearing Turns Into Blamefest; Rep. Cummings Forgets Amb. Stevens Name
IOWAHAWK: Somehow despite “security funding cuts” Valerie Jarrett gets full time 24/7 protection from 6 Secret Service agents.
DNC Chair: Wrong Statements About Libya Attack Doesn’t Mean False Statements About Libya

Election 2012:

Court clears South Carolina voter ID law for 2013
Bus Driver Verbally Assaults Kid Over Romney Sign
Railroad Retirement Safe Under Romney — Not Under Obama! – Romney Sets Record Straight!

Video: Unions Fine Members Who Don’t Show Support for Elizabeth Warren

Election 2012 Videos

Helping The Middle Class
Putting Jobs First

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

North Korea says mainland America is now within its missile range as tensions between north and south continue to rise
Syria and Turkey are on the brink of all-out war
Terrorist bomb cache near Disneyland in Paris
Key Taliban Accounts Active On Micro-Blogging Site Twitter
MICHIGANISTAN: Students at Muslim-dominated ‘Edsel Ford’ High School in Dearborn protest Pastor Terry Jones’ First Amendment right to criticize Islam

Wait, what?:

1 dead, 5 wounded in overnight shootings in Chicago
Jessica Ridgeway search: Westminster police won’t comment on body found in Arvada
PHOTOS: Marines Hike In Afghanistan
National Coming Out Day: Moments in LGBT History

The New Tone & New Media:

Obama campaign refers to liberal bloggers as “tinfoil hat crowd”

Occupy Whatever:

20 arrested in housing protest in Castro

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47RFkOVj4NQ&feature=em-uploademail-new] Continue reading

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Yemen Again. (Updates)

I’m not the only one watching what is happening with the GITMO detainees and the Yemen/ Al Qaeda connection between them. I said before, these activities by the Obama administration look like some kind ‘going out of business sale’ that is handing bargains to Islamist nations right and left — in particular Yemen.

Via Creeping Sharia:

via BBC News – US man suspected of links to al-Qaeda arrested in Yemen. h/t Jihad Watch

A US citizen suspected of having links to al-Qaeda has been arrested in Yemen, officials have told the BBC.

The man was detained in Ataq, in the province of Shabwa, the scene of an ongoing conflict between Islamist militants and Yemen’s armed forces.

He was then transferred by military plane to the capital, Sanaa, where he was being investigated by the security services, the officials said.

The arrest took place on Monday. No details were given about his identity.

The man was wearing Arab clothes when he was arrested in the Sharqa Hotel in Ataq, according to a report on the privately-owned Yemeni news website, Yemen Fox, which quoted a local official.

The suspect spoke English, said he was a Muslim, and had three passports – two US and one German – in his possession, another official was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

That’s the second mysterious U.S. citizen arrested or convicted on terrorism charges outside the U.S. in a week. Again, neither the media nor the White House can provide any information on who our fellow citizen terrorists are?

Meanwhile, Obama and Holder are releasing jihadis from Gitmo and importing non-U.S. Muslim terrorists to the U.S.

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U.S. soldier blinded by Canadian jihadist infuriated by Obama releasing Blind Sheik from Gitmo

Obama Renews Waiver of Child Soldiers Act With Presidential Memorandum

Obama Admin Giving Drones To Yemen

First They Came For The Obscure YouTube Trailer Maker… Continue reading

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