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Common Core Commission won’t even consider MN Math, Yet DPI Contracts with WI on ELA – #ASRC

Jeffrey Isenhour was the member of the NC Common Core commission who was most viciously going after Dr. Ted Scheik on the math group’s recommendations.

Isenhour ridiculed, scrutinized and picked at Scheik until Scheik, an elderly gentleman, relented and changed his recommendation’s language. Isenhour then led the charge to vote down the changes that he himself just insisted on.

One of Isenhour’s biggest claims was that North Carolina shouldn’t be adopting a set of standards “wholesale” from another state without thorough vetting.

Let’s deconstruct him a bit, shall we?
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Gov. Walker: ‘If Reelected, I’ll Replace Common Core’

This weekend, Scott Walker announced that if reelected he will replace Common Core. I’m sure the Common Core peddling Michael Brickman of the Fordham Institute is unhappy to hear that. Brickman was education adviser to Walker when Common Core was adopted. Brickman also did a song and dance at the NC legislature during the Common Core committee hearings. I also had a chat with him on Pete Kaliner’s show on WWNC.


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WI Legislators Using Pro-Core Excuses

So, this past week, Scott Walker called for the Wisconsin legislature to repeal Common Core. It was a straightforward request. The answers he’s getting back are less straightforward. In fact, we’re seeing pro-Core talking point parroting going on. See if these excuses sound familiar: Continue reading

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Scott Walker Calls For Legislature To Repeal Common Core

Wisconsin the next state to join the Common Core repeal movement?

Michael Brickman hardest hit? => Gov Walker Calls on the State Legislature to Pass Legislation to Repeal #CommonCore http://t.co/3iJvuuonqM

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 18, 2014

For those of you not understanding my reference to Michael Brickman in the tweet above, let me explain. Michael Brickman was the education adviser to Governor Walker when Wisconsin went with the Common Core. Michael Brickman is a policy wonk at the Fordham Institute and has spent the last year or so going around to state legislatures telling them how crappy their standards are compared to Common Core. He’s been proven wrong on a few occasions.

Brickman brought his act to North Carolina’s Common Core Legislative Research committee at the General Assembly last year. He touted the Fordham ‘Grading Report’ as proof North Carolina’s standards were subpar. He failed to mention that the Gates Foundation funded it. You can read more about the adventures of Mr. Brickman and my radio run-in with him in these articles:

MO State Senator Takes Fordham’s Brickman To Task (video)
Fordham Spox: NC Standards Pre-Common Core Sucked
NH Radio Host Takes Fordham’s Brickman To The Woodshed

Here’s the press release from Governor Walker. It’s short, sweet and to the point: Continue reading

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Occupy Monday Embraces Big Labor In WI

Moral Monday is running out of steam locally, so it’s been taken on the road and into the den of Big Labor in Wisconsin. Barber needs reinforcements. From “Isthmus.com” with emphasis added: Rev. Barber spoke on Thursday night at Bethel Lutheran … Continue reading

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Spinning Wisconsin

Facts are pesky things. Spin it all you like, Unions dumped over 20 million into Wisconsin, despite tearful tantrums from Anti-Walker protesters. Cry about it some more, Libs. Call it practice…for November. Continue reading

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Rep. Janet Bewley (D-Ashland) Gets A Preview Of Nov 2012

The people are sick of condescending demagogues blowing sunshine up their rear ends. The jobs are there but Democrats are killing people’s ability to make a living. In my opinion, what you’re seeing here is a preview of November 2012. Continue reading

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