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Obama: Too Busy For WI (Video)

Obama was just too busy to help with the WI recall.
Yes, there is video. Continue reading

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Spinning Wisconsin

Facts are pesky things. Spin it all you like, Unions dumped over 20 million into Wisconsin, despite tearful tantrums from Anti-Walker protesters. Cry about it some more, Libs. Call it practice…for November. Continue reading

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It was a very big night in Wisconsin. Not only did Walker keep his Governor seat, all four other Republicans in the recall election fray kept theirs as well. Lt. Governor Kleefisch held on 53% to 47% despite death threats. I don’t know what else to say other than the people of Wisconsin have spoken. Their message is clear, at least to me – public sector unions are not going to bully them, they want fiscal sanity in their state and they’re willing to stand up and be counted to get it done. Everyone did their part, but I’d like to give a shout out to the New Media for their role in keeping their eye on Wisconsin. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (12/1)

Start ’em Young: New Book exposes the effort to introduce radical political philosophy to K-12 Children. This disturbs me but does not surprise me. If you aren’t plugged in to what your kid is learning, you better wise up and get with the program – literally. Books, Homework, ‘guest lecturers’, Field trips — the whole enchilada. Continue reading

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