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Records request reveals ‘Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” “Affinity groups” at WCPSS EdCamp Equity

A recently returned records request for materials from an “EdCamp Equity” event held at a  Wake County Public Schools middle school earlier this year reveals discussion sessions on “whiteness in Ed spaces,” “microaggressions at work,” and forming “Affinity Groups.” Continue reading

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“Diversity Inventory” worksheet given to Heritage High students yanked after parents push back

A “Diversity Inventory” worksheet asking highly personal questions about religion and sexuality has been yanked after outraged parents posted images of the sheet online. Continue reading

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Who The Heck Does This NC PTA Think They Are?

I’m old enough to remember when the PTA was a legitimate organization that, you know, was an association between Parents and Teachers.
Not so anymore. One NC elementary’s PTA has decided to shove some social justice warrior BS down the throats of children and apparently without parental permission. Continue reading

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White Supremacy Pyramid has Charter School Parents, Students Upset

A poster depicting a white supremacy pyramid which appeared on the wall of a charter school has parents and students upset.

The white supremacy pyramid appeared on the wall in the classroom of Franca Gilbert, a French teacher at the Franklin Academy High school since 2007. Continue reading

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Allegation: NC Teacher Forced Students to Apologize for White Privilege

Allegations involving a teacher forcing students to apologize for their ‘white privilege’ surfaced during the May 8th meeting of the Rockingham County School Board. Continue reading

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Educators Cobbling Together Ferguson ‘Syllabus’ on Twitter

Daily Haymaker is gonna love this article.

Teachers on Twitter have been using the hashtags #FergusonSyllabus and #FergusonResources. This compilation appears to have been started months ago by “@dankrutka”; most recently passed around in November.

White Privilege, Ferguson Vs. Boston Tea Party… and more liberal echo chamber narratives. KEEP READING… Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: The Common Core And White Privilege

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy Article: The Common Core and White Privilege.


By A.P. Dillon

This is a look at the ‘experts’ behind Common Core. First, let’s recap the tactics used by the proponents to silence the opposition to the standards.

Common Core Shutuppery

So, to date, Common Core opposition have been called stupid, sad, misguided, liars, racists, conspiracy theory nuts and more for opposing the fundamentally flawed and experimental standards. Opposition has been mocked by the same people promoting Common Core and parents have been arrested for speaking out at forums and school board meetings. I’ve chronicled some of this here already in The New Tone Of Common Core, but more has transpired since then. Continue reading

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