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Checking In With Common Core Potemkin Village Resident ‘NC Ready For Success’

It’s hard to keep tabs on all of the Common Core supporters and their ‘non-profits’, ‘alliances’ and ‘organizations’. There are so many of them, that sometimes one forgets to check back and see what they are up to. Last year StopCommonCoreNC.org took a … Continue reading

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DOJ ‘Lord of The Flies’ Style ‘Courts’ and Common Core Tied WestEd

Well, someone at the DOJ has never read Lord of the Flies.

The DOJ wants to try ‘courts’ run by teenagers because.. bullying.

Oh, and our Common Core pal, WestEd is in the mix with the grant for these ‘courts’. A grant that is over $1.8 million dollars.

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Educrats, Ed Reformers and their well-funded Potemkin Villages

Common Core supporters are ginning up their own love of Common Core – again.
The echo-chamber of Common Core support is swinging into action via an ever-increasing proliferation of ‘education non-profits’.

These ‘education non-profits’ receive grants and contributions from other ‘education non-profits’, who receive money from other ‘education non-profits’ and so on.

The idea is to create a web or network of Common Core supporting groups to give the appearance that support for the standards is bigger than it actually is.

This creation and funding of multiple supporting groups are much like a Potemkin village. They are used, in essence, to carpet bomb opposition. This is a common political tactic used during election cycles to sway public opinion.

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Pearson Is Everywhere: The ‘Turn Around’ Schools Program

Welcome to another installment of Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we looked at the Pearson “Boss” app, which tracks your child’s engagement level in the classroom and can be purchased on Itunes.

Today, we’re looking at the ‘Turn Around’ Schools program. Continue reading

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VIDEO: NC Common Core March #ASRC Meeting (Updated)

The March meeting of the NC Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission was held yesterday in Raleigh.

A big thank you to Major Dave for shooting video of the sessions and presenters. This is a huge service he has performed for the NC public.


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