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Former Wilson Prep Academy Teacher Arrested On Murder Charge

A former teacher at a prep academy located in Wilson, North Carolina has been arrested on a murder charge. Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance Is Literally For The Little People

In my own state of NC, we see that Zero Tolerance policies only apply to the Little People – the students. WRAL is reporting that an “employee” of Wayne county schools donned a black mask and carried a fake gun into a classroom as part of a “citizenship enrichment lesson”.

I’d like to know what the definition of “citizenship enrichment lesson” is at this school. Is it a citizenship lesson similar to the recent one scrapping parts of the Constitution? Maybe a better awareness of one’s surroundings might be defending oneself against rape at school. Also, why WRAL is calling this person simply an “employee”? Last time I checked, people who worked in classrooms in schools were called Teachers. Maybe this person isn’t the actual teacher but an administrator or other position? We don’t know, the school won’t say.

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