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Ruling: EPA Violated Federal Law with Social Media Propaganda Campaign

The activities of the EPA have been deemed to have broken the law, according to a report this week released by the General Accounting Office.

This is a big deal. The EPA has been running amok for a LONG time now, but has reached new heights of lawlessness under the current administration.

Quickly, I want to make a point about that last paragraph I excerpted above – the one outlining the use of social media. These media blitzes did more than violate the law, they likely cost taxpayers millions.


The GAO called the EPA’s actions and efforts an example of “covert propaganda.” Continue reading

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WRAL’s Cullen Browder Digs Into Questionable Spending By Ed Official

WRAL’s Cullen Browder dug into the questionable spending habits of former Granville Superintendent Tim Farley. The report included some pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s the meat of the story:

WRAL Investigates reviewed statements for the five credit cards and found thousands of dollars in technology purchases, convertible sports car rentals, two spa charges at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, an online order for a 12-pack of Heineken BeerTender Tubes, an Amazon Prime membership, non-itemized receipts from restaurants such as Dugans Pub, Atlantic Beer Garden and Whiskey Priest, and other purchases that appeared questionable. – WRAL, 11/5/14, Convertibles, beer tubes, spa: Auditors probing Granville schools’ spending

I sincerely hope Mr. Browder doesn’t stop there.

@CullenBrowder don’t stop here. #wake => Convertibles, beer tubes, spa: Auditors probing Granville schools’ spending http://t.co/S0CbfyaTLe

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 6, 2014

Here are some places Mr. Browder could start and I am sure expand on:

KEEP READING – HIT THE TIP JAR! Continue reading

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Good News! We’re all “SAVED” Now, Thanks To Obama.

President Obama had a brainstorm back in 2009. That shiny new Hope and Change President introduced the ‘SAVE’ Award, which stands for Securing Americans Value and Efficiency. It’s this award that explains a lot of how we got to where we are today. There’s a video, but first read the description. It says it all. Emphasis added is mine. Continue reading

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Sheriff Joe Falls Down On The Job. Again.

Sheriff Joe or Snoozin’ Joe? From The Daily: The signature White House initiative aimed at helping the middle class has gone nearly silent, even as the administration working overtime to convince working voters that President Obama is their best choice … Continue reading

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