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But Of Course: The War On Hookers

Hookergate = War on “sex workers”? The Secret Service is involved in a very serious scandal which reflects badly on President Obama, so let’s make it about the ‘rights’ of prostitutes to deflect a bit. I really think I hurt … Continue reading

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NC Dems Struggle With Harassment Claim (Updates)

The letter states, “I was elected by well over 400 people to represent them as Wake Country Democratic Party Vice Chair,” and if one assumes it is a woman who filed said complaint, that narrows the field of possibilities. There are only two women with Chair titles for Wake County listed on the Wake County Democratic Party site. Continue reading

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Hilary Rosen To Ann Romney: Stay At Home Moms Don’t Count

Tonight on CNN, Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom. Nothing says “Party of Women” more than going after a woman who is a cancer survivor currently living with MS and raised 5 boys. Continue reading

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Obama’s War On Women In One Picture

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Dear Augusta National…Update: I told you so

Dear Augusta National-

You have every right to maintain an all male membership has you have since your inception. Do NOT bow to pressure as they attempt to give you the ‘Komen’ Treatment, as I now call such media and advocacy group blitzes. You are a private business with private membership that can operate as you please. Stand firm.

Lady Liberty 1885 Continue reading

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