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Alamance Dem Continues His #WarOnWomen, Adds Low-Income Kids

This past June, I noted some vile comments being made on this site by a rather prominent Democrat. From the email address and IP associated with these comments, they appeared to be coming from one Bill Franklin. This Bill Franklin:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

Well, he’s back.

Mr. Franklin has gone from a #WarOnWomen and “Teabilly” theme to now attacking scholarships meant to help low-income kids get a better education — one that is chosen by their parents. Stayed up late to troll me and the kiddies too. See below: Continue reading

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Alamance County Dem’s #WarOnWomen?

Here at Lady Liberty 1885, we get all kinds of comments. Some supportive, some constructive, some humorous and then we have the rather vile and nasty.

I’ve been sitting on writing about a set of comments for a while now made by one individual, I don’t really believe in exposing personal information about people who comment here. Having said that, this person needs exposing.

I’ve been called a “teabilly” and an “asshole” by none other than Democrat William Franklin, current parlimentarian for the North Carolina Senior Democrats, long time member of the Alamance Democrat Party and was 2nd Vice Chair for Alamance in 2012. Franklin is also a member of the Democrat State Executive Committee (SEC). You might remember him sticking up for David Parker during that messy sexual harassment scandal — read Franklin’s SEC letter defending Parker here. Note at the bottom, the email address matches the comments made here at LL1885 blog:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

William A. Franklin
806 Warwick Court
Burlington, NC 27215

So, after a sexual harassment scandal hits his party not so long ago, Franklin’s moved on to a war on women bloggers? How fitting.

Keep reading… see the comments. Continue reading

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Why Go Dirty?

It really was inevitable that Anthony Wiener (AKA Carlos Danger) would “Stick it out” sooner or later. This is a guy who seems to love being in the spotlight in more ways than one outside of politics and his marriage. That being said, through all the hashtag banter and faux Facebook pages set up for our dear Mr Danger, I really have to ask a question…

Why did Sydney Leathers/Sydney Elaine (@sydneyelainexo) go to the Dirty.com? Continue reading

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Thank You Megyn Kelly

Erick Erickson unleashed a frenzy of hot debate with his article at Red State regarding gender and breadwinners. The primary thrust being it is advantageous for the woman to be the one at home while dad is out earning the money; she is the better nurturer. I don’t disagree with that basic premise. Loads of indoctrinated feminists just flipped out and are yelling at their screen right now, but sorry — women ARE better at nurturing.

What I do disagree with is Erickson laying the entire debate at the feet of women without a single mention of the responsibility of men – not a single mention of absentee or deadbeat dads. The closest Erickson comes to touching that is here:

Not everyone has the luxury of raising their children in a traditional manner and the rest of us have an obligation to help and support those in unfortunate situations. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with mothers having jobs. There is nothing wrong with women being breadwinners. Sometimes they have to by necessity.

“Sometimes they have to by necessity.” Gee, and why would that be? In most cases, Dad isn’t around for one reason or another and mom is on her own. Somehow, mom is the one who ends up with kids in the majority of scenarios.

I’d like to thank fellow Syracuse Alumnae and general kick ass mom for her debate with Erickson and Lou Dobbs for her comment about Erickson’s position. Dobbs had just finished saying we have “shattered marriages” in our society and Kelly fired back:

“Why are you attributing that to women in the workforce?” she interjected.

BINGO. Both Dobbs and Erickson are focused on women and ignoring the male part of the equation. Watch the clip here: Continue reading

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Epic LadyParts Rant

Over at Instapundit, I just spotted this post by Sarah Hoyt. She summarizes the Obama campaign’s war on women in less than 10 sentences and she nails it.

Bravo and thank you, Sarah. Continue reading

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But Of Course: The War On Hookers

Hookergate = War on “sex workers”? The Secret Service is involved in a very serious scandal which reflects badly on President Obama, so let’s make it about the ‘rights’ of prostitutes to deflect a bit. I really think I hurt … Continue reading

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NC Dems Struggle With Harassment Claim (Updates)

The letter states, “I was elected by well over 400 people to represent them as Wake Country Democratic Party Vice Chair,” and if one assumes it is a woman who filed said complaint, that narrows the field of possibilities. There are only two women with Chair titles for Wake County listed on the Wake County Democratic Party site. Continue reading

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