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The public deserves to know about the de facto PR firms of the WCPSS board

It’s high time someone called out WCPSS’ unofficial PR firms: Public Schools First NC, Great Schools in Wake and the Wake Ed Partnership. Continue reading

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Update on the WCPSS – WakeEdPartnership Revolving Door

Last month I wrote about the revolving door between “education non-profit” WakeEd Partnership and Wake County Schools.

In that article, I noted that I had requested the job description and salary for Ms. Crain’s position at Wake County Schools. I am here to report that I have received that information.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Revolving Door Between WCPSS and WakeEd Partnership Spins Again

Seems we have a little bit of a revolving door between Wake County Schools and WakeEd Partnership …

See who is spinning through it now, both past and present. Continue reading

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More on “Education Non-Profit” WakeEd Partnership – #nced #ncpol

Business certainly has a place in education discussions, however the trend we’ve seen becoming more and more prevalent in the last 5-10 years is that of business entities demanding a place at the education discussion table by buying the table and all the chairs around it.

Here’s a closer look at “education non-profit” WakeEd Partnership… Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – WE 10/30/15 – #NCed

Here’s a run down of some of the education news in North Carolina… and beyond. Reminder: Next Common Core Commission meeting is November 13th. That is a FRIDAY and not the usual meeting day, which is the third Monday of … Continue reading

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When “Education Non-Profits” Attack: WakeEd Partnership – #nced #asrc #ncga

Common Core loving educrats and big biz are coming out of the woodwork these days in North Carolina.

First it was the clueless Wake County School Board stomping their foot and attacking parents who advocated for their child. Then it was the News and Observer’s equally clueless and insulting Editorial board.

Now it’s yet another “education non-profit” racing to protect a set of experimental and fundamentally flawed standards.

Last night over at the News and Observer, an article dropped about “education non-profit” WakeEd Partnership’s outrage that the NC Common Core Commission might actually be fulfilling their assigned task.

KEEP READING… So Much Stupid. So Little Time. Continue reading

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