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Video Of That ‘Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections’

On the 17th, I wrote about Bob Hall of Democracy NC being touted as a ‘Non-Partisan Advocate for Clean Elections’. I included a tweet from Moral Monday held on July 8th in that article.

Now I have the video to go with that quote, courtesy of NC Renegade: Continue reading

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NC Voter Registration Update

I previously reported on voter registration activities in NC on September 4th. Every single weekend, I see voter registrations on corners and at grocery stores in my area identical to this one.

At the time of my earlier post on 9/2, the number of registered voters listed on the NC BOE site was: 6,296,961.

As of this post on 9/29 (total date is on the site says 9/29 as well), the number of registered voters is: 6,471,031.

A net gain of 174,070. Right?

I took some screen shots for the last article of the BOE banner and did the same this time for comparison: Screen shot of 9/2 and screen shot of 9/29.

Breakdown according to the 9/2 and 9/29 headers on the BOE Site (also mirrored in the image below):

Democrat on 9/2 – 2,727,202
Democrat on 9/29 – 2,785,054
Gain: 57, 852

Republican on 9/2 – 1,990,941
Republican on 9/29 -2,011,846
Gain: 20,905

Libertarian on 9/2 – 15,651
Libertarian on 9/29 – 16,805
Gain: 1,154

Unaffiliated (independent) 9/2 – 1,618,567
Unaffiliated (independent) 9/29 – 1,657,326
Gain: 38,759

I added up all the gains by registration affiliation as is listed on the BOE site and 118,670 is the total net gain I came up with. It doesn’t match the overall totals gain listed on the BOE site. I went back and checked the math. The 9/2 banner total registrations number was off. The total should have added up to 6,352,361. It’s short by 55,400.

There is no way of knowing if the new total being run on 9/29 incorporates that 55,400 or if it is accurate now. Perhaps this is a math or data entry oversight by those running the BOE site that is the cause for the gap on 9/2. In the meantime I am contacting the BOE for clarification, because their downloadable reports give some different numbers as well. The BOE has a revised registered voter report by precinct as of September 12. This would replace the one I linked to near the bottom of my prior post.

Obviously, depending on what answers I get back from the NC BOE on the banner discrepancy, the following is subject to change:

I compared the latest hard copy report by precinct and the site banner numbers in the last two rows above. The report was on 9/12 and the banner from 9/29 — which means that, if the 9/29 numbers are accurate, nearly 54,000 people were registered to vote in NC inside of 17 days. Draw what conclusions you will from these numbers. Continue reading

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Forms Come In Boxes Of 1,000

Yesterday I posted about my adventures in voter registration at the grocery store with “completely non-partisan” voter drive groups. In case you missed it, here’s the video I shot:


This turn of events left me wondering just how some random group or person can set up a folding card table at a grocery store and register people to vote. So I hit the NC State Board of Elections site in search of answers. I did not like what I found. Continue reading

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