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BEST NC Releases Their “2020 Vision” For NC Education

In December it was revealed that behind the scenes, legislators, education officials, think tanks and various non-profits we holding closed-door meetings at SAS, which were being organized by the SAS tied Education non-profit, BEST NC. [Read: BEST NC’s 2020 Vision Initiative]

This series of meetings, held out of the public eye, had a goal of producing a set of ‘topline recommendations’ for education in North Carolina. These recommendations, known as the “Vision 2020 Initiative” were to be rolled out sometime at the end of January according to conversations I had with various participants and with the CEO of BEST NC, Brenda Berg.

January came and went and February is now upon us. I’ve been keeping an eye on the BEST NCsite, but didn’t see the report anywhere. The “2020 Vision Initiative” report emerged yesterday — on the EducationNC site. The report itself, however, hangs off of BEST NC’s site. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on it once I dig into it.

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