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Oceania Rejects Ministry of Truth

Anderson Cooper decided to do his job on Friday (probably because CNN was about to be thrown under the bus by the White House) and announced CNN had obtained Ambassador Stevens journal from the burned out Consulate in Libya. Cooper also admitted CNN used it for reporting purposes, after telling the family they would not, 4 days later.

On Saturday the 22nd, CNN released its version of events on how they came by the journal. The report is short and does not mention exactly who the journal was turned over to, but instead only mentions a ‘third party’. The Saturday CNN journal report also repeats the lie that the Consulate was attacked in relation to anti-islam movie protests in the region. The entire thing is a cover your ass type move.

Let’s timeline this a bit: Continue reading

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Movie Excuse Cinema

Flashback to 2011, the film FITNA was apparently only riot worthy in Belgium and not really worthy of murdering anyone. Geert Wilders was tried for committing Hate Speech in his home country but was acquitted. Remember that when you see this image.


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Nakoula Arrest Photoshops: Best of the Best Continue reading

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The Smart Diplomacy of Carter 2.0

Let’s kick this off with one to the jewels. I found Obama working on his foreign policy in Libya: For America has a video out that caught my eye after seeing Jimmy Carter himself correct our feckless leader about Egypt: … Continue reading

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Eating Cairo Crow

I just finished reading Jennifer Rubin’s article, New Attack on Americans; Obama’s Foreign Policy in Disarray, and I felt compelled to post this speech with its text in its entirety:
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The Friday Focus

Media Priorities Edition

Hey, did you know we’re supposed to be mad at Mitt Romney for the attacks on our Embassies in the Middle East? Yeah, well, the State Run media has taken it upon themselves to make Romney the story instead of the four Americans murdered at the hands of Islamists – one of the dead was our Libyan Ambassador.

It’s a big, dirty job ignoring our Ambassador’s body being dragged around the streets of Libya and instead opting to make Romney’s statement the story. A statement that was exactly what needed to be said. Perhaps that’s why the media has to coordinate their efforts. The media are really kicking into overdrive on this one. It’s a real collaborative effort. Pulling out all the stops — lefty stops that is. Obama’s support of the Arab Spring and his disastrous foreign policies have his media lapdogs running like mad to cover for him.

Yes. It’s more important to make sure that the State Department’s pathetic apology is wiped clean from the news stories and replaced with headlines like this: Mitt’s Major Meltdown – NYTimes.com and this one Romney camp tries to manage fallout from Libya response – CNN. Let’s not leave out the hyperbole from the LA Times, who still hasn’t release the Rashid Khalidi tape: L.A. Times Writer: Romney Should Just ‘Triple Down’ and Campaign With Koran-Burning Pastor

Fallout? Really?

The fallout is on the other side of the political fence, fellas. It took Obama 16 hours to backtrack on that apology, Obama’s own statement is rife with religious freedom hypocrisy as he has waged war on religious freedom here in the US via his HHS mandate and now, after snubbing Netanyahu, Obama has invited Egyptian President Morsi here to the US! Obama has his priorities, which include Letterman appearances and Las Vegas fundraising with people like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Meltdown? You mean like this?:

“Gov. Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later,” said Obama, who has supported the rise of Islamist governments in Egypt and Libya. – Daily Caller

Using a shooting analogy. Glenn Reynolds’ assessment that at this point, a Carter re-run is a best case scenario. How proud Gabby would be of this New Tone at a time of National crisis and mourning. What a loaded sentence; pun intended. Obama’s presidency has been all about shooting first and aiming later. Stimulus? Solyndra? Fast and Furious? GM Bailout? Occupy? Arab Spring? The MSM wants us to forget that President Obama not only backed these uprisings which ultimately led to the events at our embassies, he helped fund them on various levels. This utterance is going to be added to the likes of ‘You didn’t build that’ and ‘the private sector is doing just fine’. It’s part two of ‘if they bring a knife, we bring a gun’.

No one really can sum up the media’s activities here in a one liner quite as well the way Jim Treacher can: Listen as MSM pros turn the murder of a U.S. ambassador into an opportunity to ask Romney why he’s so mean

Erick Erickson was my second choice: The American Media Beclowned Themselves Yesterday

Doug Ross reminds of the 10 things we should keep in mind:

5 . Liberal blogs — and their primary consumers in vintage media — needed a way to deflect criticism from President O’Carter. Their meme: Mitt Romney shouldn’t criticize an apology… that the Obama administration itself later disavowed.

At 11:53pmlast night Talking Points Memo released a statement from the Obama campaign condemning Mitt Romney for criticizing something the White House itself disavowed — an appalling apology issued by the State Department.

Eight hours later, President Obama finally got around to condemning the monsters who attacked us on our own soil and killed our fellow citizens.

Yesterday, on the 11th anniversary of September 11, the Obama White House snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accepted an invitation from David Letterman, and apologized to Islamists upset over a film that mocks Islam and Mohammed — something “artists” in America do to Christianity with my tax dollars on a fairly regular basis.

Make sure you hit the other 9 items Doug Ross has listed! The MSM wants more apologies – specifically ones from Romney. They want him to shut up and stop looking Presidential. They want all of us to think Romney said something horrific. Well, he did say something horrific — but it was only horrific to the MSM, the Left and this administration. Romney stood up there and in a nutshell said ‘You’re wrong and you don’t speak for us.’ Romney was right, the President was wrong.

Some personal thoughts on the apology and the growing hysterical reaction from the MSM I have are along the lines of watching a film of an egg flying through the air in slow motion. You know it’s going to fall and smash open, spilling its contents everywhere and making a mess. You watch it soar end over end, wondering when it will drop and then without warning, the film snaps to a scene of an egg in a pan — and they are already scrambled. Hey, what happened to the egg that was going to be floor roadkill? It was cruising for a messy end and now we have edible, fluffy eggs? What?? Maybe NBC can teach me their editing tricks sometime.

Analogies aside, our free press seems awfully quick to jump to talk of censorship and even jailing people for free speech when it comes to Islam in particular. A few examples from the fine, racist clowns at MSNBC:

MSNBC host: Hey, let’s prosecute Jones as accessory to ambassador’s murder
MSNBC Commentators: DoJ Should Prosecute Americans Who Made Anti-Muslim Film

By the MSNBC’s logic, it was our fault for allowing such a film to be made and therefore it was justified for the Libyans to murder our citizens over it – just ignore that Constitution thing. Last night, as I talked with Mr. Liberty about these two stories I just listed, I made the analogy the media seems to be pulling the ‘her skit was too short, she was asking for it’ rape defense. It makes me a rather sick to my stomach listening to this kind of apologist crap. Movie or no movie — it makes NO DIFFERENCE. The movie was over 2 months old and it’s quite frankly, terrible. Small kids using a camera by accident could have made a better film. All this is besides the point. The film was an excuse to riot on 9/11. Islam is big on symbolism and 9/11 is a pretty big day for Muslims who hate us.

At any rate, the MSM is going to be very busy. The rioting and attacks on US embassies are spreading — Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Kuwait and Iraq. In Yemen, the rioters were chanting ‘death to America’ and death to Israel’. I have little doubt Obama’s feckless foreign policy wasn’t really so feckless as it was a calculated manipulation of a region bent on taking Israel out. So…Will the MSM prescribe more apologies since it seems to be working so well?

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Two Paths & Two Embassies Attacked (Updates All Day)

This morning we all woke up to the news that not only was our Egyptian embassy attacked, but our Libyan embassy was as well. In Libya, the Ambassador has been confirmed killed during the attack and reports are now that three others are also dead. The attacks in Libya are being blamed on Muslim outrage over an Anti-Islam film that has been circulating since July.

This violence over freedom of speech is beyond outrage and highlights just how screwed up the Middle East truly is — and our own government who’s first reaction was to condemn the attacks, delete that condemnation and then re-condemns the attacks via an apology for insulting Muslims. This is beyond disgraceful. There are now also warning being issued for possible attacks in Algiers. This is what “smart diplomacy” looks like. Obama sends out the other Clinton to do his dirty work: Hillary Clinton Condemns Mohammed Movie

@iowahawkblog this presidency started with an apology in Cairo & looks like its ending with an apology in Cairo

— Richard Orzechowski (@R_Orzechowski) September 12, 2012

I won’t apologize and I agree with Krauthammer:


The media is really disgusting on this. We have Americans who are dead as a direct result of President Obama’s actions (and inaction) in the Middle East and they’re busy making sure the fan is blowing the shit at Romney and not Obama. I had an exchange on Twitter that exemplified the Left and their love of calling us names in the face of real tragedy.

TWO PATHS, People.

I have compiled many links to these events (below) and this list will be updated as I get more, so stop back.

Please start with these four before hitting the other links: Continue reading

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