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McCory on NC Spin: Medicaid, Unemployment and Common Core

Governor McCrory was on NCspin recently. The conversation covered a number of topics from unemployment to medicaid to education.

McCrory opened up the conversation by stating that when he came in North Carolina was in a crisis with the 3rd largest unemployment rate in the country, NC owed the federal government $2.6 billion due to unemployment and over-runs on medicaid were over $500 million. He also added NC was in the top 5 for unemployment and a year later, we are not even in the top 25. Moral Monday slamming NC as having “regressive policies” for business clearly taking a hit. Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: July 1st Edition

Another Monday, another set of hippies carted off in zip tie handcuffs. No worries though, the over $60k in costs to taxpayers are being cut down because they are no longer being fingerprinted and photographed. They’re just arresting them for show now. Isn’t that fun?

Don’t worry about money though. Reverend Barber has it covered: Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/5/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today? Site of the Day:  The Daily Caller LL 1885′s Picks: Chart of the Day: Yo, Johnson — How’s that “Great Society” workin’ out for ya? Jobs report: 171,000 Jobs … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (10/15/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Zilla and Doug Ross
LL 1885′s Picks:

Priorities: President Obama weighs in on Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj fight
All of the above policy: Obama Continues to Despise American Energy
Ta Da!: Jobless Claims Data Skewed Downward
Green Fail: IRS says ‘tax avoidance’ at heart of Solyndra bankruptcy plan
Fast and Furious: ATF Whistleblower Fired in Denny’s Parking Lot For Exposing Corruption
Get under the bus: Three journalists subpoenaed by defense in CIA leak case
Outrage: Video: Mother of Fallen Seal on Security Leaks: “They Put a Target on My Son’s Back”
More ‘Smart Diplomacy’: Obama sends US forces to protect Jordan, bypasses Congress to fund Iraq
Rudy Giuliani: Libya is a ‘teaching moment,’ because ‘Obama will be teaching next year’
Vetting: Newsalert: (Video) Flashback 1998: Obama Sarcastically Says Poor Blacks ‘Undeserving’ ; Poor Whites ‘Deserving’

Must Reads Of The Day:

Benghazi-Gate: Get Under The Bus Edition

Election 2012:

2012 Debate Schedule

Romney/Ryan – Religious Freedom
Obama campaign holds Muslim outreach event
War on Women? Joe Biden voted for constitutional amendment to overturn Roe vs. Wade
Sixth Circuit Decides Provisional Ballot Cases, Finds Constitutional Violation in Not Counting Certain Wrong Precinct Ballots
WOW!… Ohio Coal Miners to Obama: Quit Lying About Us!
ROMNEY CALLS GIRL who was abused by teacher for wearing a Romney T-Shirt to school.
Teacher who called Romney t-shirt ‘KKK garb’ under investigation
Romney Crowds Are Surging After Record Debate Performance
Romney wows 7,000+ strong Asheville crowd, gets the support of Rev. Billy Graham
Obama’s election strategy has collapsed, says Romney camp as their man begins to believe
DNC fires Obama campaign staffer for assisting voter fraud
Ugly Tweet of the Night: Tim Bitici Hopes to See Paul Ryan’s Daughter Raped
BIGOTRY: Scott Brown Staffer Heckled By Elizabeth Warren Supporters For Being Gay
More Reports of Romney/Ryan Sign Vandalization – Defaced Sign in Iowa City: “I [Heart] N*****s”, “Obama”, “99% F**k”, “1% F**k”
Instapundit: UM. IN 08, IN DENVER, THIS WAS A FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Shot fired at Denver Obama campaign office. I’ll wait investigation of this one.
While details of Obama campaign office shooting remain slim, blame, false flag theories abound

Election 2012 Videos

Fiscal Discipline
Biden: “Bunch Of Stuff” (What Does That Mean?)
Joe “I Mean What I Say” Biden
The Nurse, The Extremist, The Survivor
Enthusiasm For Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan In Lancaster, Ohio

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Syria activists say jihadis seize missile base
Dupe entry: Hezbollah cfo DEFECTS to Israel carrying cash and docs
86 Muslims arrested in US consulate attack in India
Violence Erupts In Tahrir Square
Pro-Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi Supporters Attack Protesting Opponents [Video]
Violent protests continue in Middle East, Africa and Asia
Russia Decision To Pull Out Of Arms Dismantling Deal With U.S. Shows Failure Of Obama’s ‘Reset’
Maine mayor stands ground, tells Somali’s to assimilate (video)

Wait, what?:

Damon Root on 3 Supreme Court Cases to Watch in 2013
The New Blacklist 5 shot in separate South Side Shootings
Chicago Tribune pulls endorsement of radical leftist Schakowsky
Instapundit: HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Inputs Skyrocket, Outputs Unknown.
Fla. Public Schools Set Academic Goals Based On Race, Ethnicity
Obama Admin Pressing Forward With Race Based Disciplinary Policy In Schools
Houston OFA office exposed in James O’Keefe sting video closed down
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. under federal investigation over alleged financial improprieties
U.S. Postal Service is Raising the Cost of Stamps, Mailing Letters Again

The New Tone & New Media:

Morning Joe crew trash Obama “Big Bird” ad
Conservatives fend off Obamacare, freakish Big Bird at #NJDream12; O’Keefe teases more videos
Obama Surrogate: Voters May Not Care About Benghazi, But They Care About Bin Laden
Video: The freedom to succeed

Occupy Whatever:

Occupy Raleigh Turns One
Oakland to punish cops in Occupy clashes

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:


Continue reading

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About that September Jobs Report…

Business Insider has a story up that one state’s numbers are what threw the report off last month. It links to another story explaining that one large state (likely California) did not report all of its numbers in a timely manner. I think this is part of it, but there might be another factor.

I’ve been thinking about this miraculous September jobs report, as has my husband. it was a conversation last night with Mr. Liberty that prompted me to look up a few things. This is our own speculation mind you, but the long & short of it is: stimulus funds expired.

(CNSNews.com) – There was good news for American workers in August—if government was their employer.

The unemployment rate for government wage and salaries workers dropped from 5.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August. At the same time, the number of government wage and salary workers counted as unemployed dropped by 123,000 people from 1,182,000 in July to 1,059,000 in August.

The overall national unemployment rate was 8.1 percent in August.

A year ago, in August 2011, there were 1,271,000 unemployed government wage and salary workers. So, the number of unemployed government workers has dropped by 212,000 since then.

The unemployment numbers for government workers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are not seasonally adjusted.


The government jobs are not seasonally adjusted. Got it.
Further down:

The 5.1 percent unemployment rate for government workers was the lowest unemployment rate for any of 17 different categories and subcategories of industries for which employment is tracked and published on a month-to-month basis by the Department of Labor. These include nonagricultural private wage and salary workers; mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction workers; construction workers; manufacturing workers; durable goods manufacturing workers; nondurable goods manufacturing workers; wholesale and retail trade workers; transportation and utilities workers; information workers; financial activities workers; professional and business services workers; education and health services workers; leisure and hospitality workers; workers in other services; agricultural and related private wage and salary workers; and self-employed, unincorporated and unpaid family workers.

This should not be surprising if one looks at the ‘‘American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act of 2009’’. In every single section it states that the funds expire September 30th, 2012.

“Provided further, That funds set aside in the previous proviso shall remain available until September 30, 2012”

In government speak, that’s ‘use it or lose it’. So, what do states do when they have funds they have to spend? Use up the money any way they can. Hiring a lot of seasonal or temporary workers is one way. Combine the need to use these funds up with a large state like California being behind in some of its reporting and voila, you might get the big drop we saw in September.

Note: Recovery.gov has not yet updated with the final report numbers for September, but they had the total number of jobs updated as of 9/19/12. That number was unchanged from the Q2 April-June 30 report at 152,295. Continue reading

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