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NCDPI Warns #HB657 Will Take ‘Math Backwards’, But That Would Be A GOOD Thing

DPI sent out a ‘Legislative Alert’ email, titled, Oppose HB 657 Taking Math Backwards.
Why does DPI hate parents and students, yet defends Common Core like it’s made of Gold? Continue reading

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Professional Lobbyist Pens ANOTHER Letter to NC Common Core Commission – #nced #asrc

Back in March, I reported on a professional lobbyist and PR consultant named Andrew Meehan who penned a letter to the NC Common Core Commission (ASRC) in support of the controversial Standards.

Mr. Meehan has struck again it seems. The Common Core Potemkin Village is well looked after.

This time a group of teachers, that includes members of the Gates backed Hope Street Group, has sent the commission a letter which failed to mentioned Meehan also penned the letter.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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September NC Common Core Commission Meeting Highlights

This past Monday was the September meeting of the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC), which is tasked by SB 812 with reviewing and recommending possible replacements for Common Core.

See who was there, what was said and more. Continue reading

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Another House In the Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group

Over the course of the last three and a half years, I’ve come across more ‘education non-profits’ tied to Common Core than one can imagine. This sea of non-profit organizations all seem to have their roots in a core set of financial backers : Gates, Hewlitt, Walton, Lumina, Carnegie and many more.

A potemkin village of support for Common Core has been erected using this sea of non-profits as education reform astroturf. The Common Core Potemkin Village has a McMansion I missed previously.

This McMansion is Hope Street Group and they’ve recently invaded North Carolina… all with the Blessing of CCSSO President and NC Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson. The NCAE is also falling over themselves to welcome this group…


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