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The Shameful Comparison Stoking Racial Tensions

In the weeks following the George Zimmerman trial, a rather shameful comparison has arisen. The comparison being made is that of Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin. This is positively disgusting and serves no other purpose than the fuel racial tensions. Continue reading

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Great Moments in #FORWARD

Huh. Imagine that! The President using a dead young man to score political points. Continue reading

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AL Man Beaten By 20 Black Youths; In Critical Condition *Media Crickets*

“Now That’s Justice For Trayvon”
Did any of these young men look like the son you don’t have, President Obama?

From Examiner.Com via ViolentFlashMobs.com(emphasis mine):

Mobile, AL – On Saturday night, Matthew Owens told a group of kids to stop playing in the middle of street, only to have them return with a group of adults who dished out a beating that landed him in the Intensive Care Unit, according to police. Continue reading

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Martin /Zimmerman Trial Case Updates

This thread will serve to track the charges, trial and media coverage for George Zimmerman and case related stories as of April 15th, 2012. Newest updates appear first. All prior updates that I’ve tracked can be found here. December 6 … Continue reading

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The Martin/Zimmerman Chronicle Thread

Tracking the Media circus, exploitation, finger pointing and more regarding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

How is it that the shooting of a young man in Florida a month ago is now center stage and has managed to overshadow the Obamacare arguments in front of the Supreme Court?
In a few words: The media. Continue reading

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Hey DOJ – Do Your Job!

Where Is The DOJ On The New Black Panthers ‘$10k Bounty’?

In Obama’s America, you can put a bounty on the head of a citizen and not be touched apparently. Continue reading

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