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#NCED Updates: Per Pupil Spending, Whiplash and Higher Ed news

This installment of NC Ed updates includes the lastest per-pupil spending figures in North Carolina as well as the whiplash induced by Tom Campbell’s education articles and some higher Ed news and general headlines.  Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: School Choice punches back, War on parents and various headlines

This edition of #NCED Updates highlights school choice advocates punching back against a racist attack on charters, the war on parents, two choice studies and a number of headlines worth checking out. Continue reading

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CCSSO President Dances Around NC Superintendent Reelection Question

More speculation on whether CCSSO President Elect Atkinson will be running for NC Superintendent again. Host Tom Campbell falls all over himself to set her up positively in his interviews with her. Campbell mentions Cash Michael’s dropped the bomb in a past episode that Atkinson wasn’t running again.

During the brief interview segment, Atkinson says she has learned to “live with the turbulence” so our CC June False Witnesskids can have a great education.

Well, much of the recent turbulence has been self-inflicted — Oops, there I go again, bearing “false witness”.

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