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What Polls Don’t Show You (Video)

I’ve said for a while that the Polls don’t show you the people like this:

These are the Democrats and Independents who will quietly stay home in November. These people are not likely to admit they won’t vote for Obama in a poll, but Obama knows they are there – and growing. So does the media. The MSM is latching onto anything and everything they can, blowing it up and desperately trying to attach it to Romney/Ryan. Team Obama and his lapdog media have to try to stop the hemorrhaging. It’s a good bet that the Soptic Ad wasn’t as low as they can go. Continue reading

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How Clinton Puts Akin Comments In Perspective

Saw this while on Facebook:

Reminded me of these links:

Petition: Disinvite Former President Bill Clinton From the DNC Convention Over His History of Abusing Women | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

It’s o.k. when Democrats do it: Joe Biden Stands By Rape Reference to GOP

Ignored: Minn. Lawmaker Urged to Step Aside Amid Scandal involving oral sex with a male minor

Kind of puts Todd Akin’s poor choice of phrasing into perspective. Continue reading

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