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The Lady’s Stories – 2011

LL 1885’s Stories of 2011 President Zero. President Downgrade. Protests. Riots. The Left unhinged. 2011 had a lot of violence and rhetoric. As a proponent and ardent supporter of the First Amendment, I find that to be a good thing…until … Continue reading

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TLC Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses In Dearborn

This is just a quick post to remind the outraged public about Dearborn, Michigan. TLC has done a bang up job portraying muslims there as average Americans just living their lives, happy as clams to have the Rights to free speech and freedom of religion. TLC leaves out a lot about Dearborn in it’s attempt to pull of Katie Couric’s vision of a muslim Cosby show, so I figured I’d fill in some blanks! Continue reading

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Sen. Ted Lieu – Captain Censorship

Yep, this jackwagon Senator is pulling a thought police maneuver here and trying to bully a legal business into following his own personal prescription of political correctness. Hi, Senator… perhaps you are new here, but that’s called coercion and censorship. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (11/15)

BREAKING: Occupy Wall Street evicted from Zuccotti Park in overnight raid.
Just Like the Tea Party… 3 #Occupy Portland Protesters Arrested With Homemade Grenades. More with mug shot goodness here. Continue reading

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