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Kite Runner Update: Buncombe Ed Board Ignores Parental Rights

Parental Rights are increasingly under fire the Education System. See the update of one parent’s fight to engage in her child’s education in Buncombe county. Continue reading

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‘Kite Runner’ Concerns Fall On Deaf Ears In Buncombe

You can’t say that Lisa Baldwin hasn’t fought the good fight over the use of The Kite Runner, which includes graphic homosexual rape scenes, suicide and violent beatings, in her child’s Buncombe county school. Continue reading

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Follow-Up: Another NC Reading Assignment Questioned

At the end of last month, I wrote about a former Buncombe School Board member questioning a reading assignment given to their child for an Honors class.

That board member is Lisa Baldwin and her scenario regarding the book The Kite Runner is a shining example of why I have begun blogging about parental rights in education in North Carolina.

Baldwin’s objections to The Kite Runner saw some traction and press from the Asheville-Citizen Times, but as is typical in NC media, the outlet didn’t tell the whole story. The Asheville Citizens times left out key pieces, which Baldwin corrects on her blog in the article, What The Asheville Citizen-Times Didn’t Disclose…

READING… ‘IT’S FUNDAMENTAL’… Continue reading

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Another NC Reading Assignment Questioned

Former Buncombe School board member, Lisa Baldwin, recently raised an issue with school staff at her child’s high school.

The reading assignment was the book, The Kite Runner, and was given to her child in their 10th grade Honors English class.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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