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WRAL Publishes Racist School Choice Cartoon

Stay classy, WRAL. Continue reading

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Common Core Opposition Should Expect To Openly Be Called Racists

In the last month or so, we’ve seen the supporters up the ante and start using the term ‘politicize’ and phrases like, ‘if you don’t support Common Core you are against this White House and President’. Arne Ducan is on board this train, you better believe it. The supporters have just stopped short of calling opposition racists. Well, I expect that will change pretty soon. At any rate, these are all examples of what I call Shutuppery and it won’t be ending anytime soon.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I see the signal for it in this Daily Caller article, Common Core Backers Regret Obama’s Involvement. I made the comment on the article that I didn’t think the casual reader was seeing the groundwork being laid in the quotes. They’re giving the nod to attack their own. Continue reading

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This Just In: “5 Boys” Now Deemed Racist

On debate night, my husband called this:

Hubby predicts ‘5 boys’ reply from Romney will get ‘coded racist comment’ from the MSM. #DenverDebate

— Lady Liberty 1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) October 4, 2012

And today we have this: Liberals claim Romney’s reference to his ‘five boys’ in debate racist code Continue reading

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