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Legislator Received Death Threats For Attempting To Make College More Affordable

Legislator proposes bill to lower in-state tuition.
Moral Monday calls it racist.
Legislator receives death threats.
Bill drops Historically Black Colleges off the bill.
This is the Left in NC. Continue reading

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Not The Onion: Moral Monday Leader Says Lower Tuition Proposal Is Racist.

Last week I alerted folks that Bully Barber was calling SB 873 racist. What the bill does is lowers fees and tuition rates for instate students at certain NC colleges, therefore making it more affordable for minorities and poorer students to attend.

Barber managed to bully Sen. Apodaca into altering the bill, by dropping the Historically Black Colleges from the list. GEE, that’s awesome… said no minority or poor student. Ever.

Read about this nonsense at ABC news who, to their credit, point out this bill would have made college more affordable for many students.

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Does Progress NC Have A Problem With Latinos? (Updates)

Does Progress NC Have A Problem With Latinos?

Listen to the audio and decide. Continue reading

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He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named… According To Duke University

Recently a sighting of a ‘noose on a tree’ outside the student union was reported by ‘a student’ at Duke University.

The report from this student came at 2 am on April Fools Day. What was this ‘student’ doing at the student union at 2 am?

I located the original tweet made by one Justin Elliott – the time stamp says “1:58 AM – 1 Apr 2015”:

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#DM7 Article: Racism Wrapped In A Preachers Collar

On February 8th, downtown will host to the annual HK on J march (Historic Thousands on Jones Street). The NC NAACP holds it every year. This year they are calling it a “people’s assembly”, which reminds me of Occupy in a few ways. Given the recent racist remarks about black conservatives from NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber, one has to wonder what he will say next to top it.
Come for the vitriol and rhetoric, stay for the arrests… or something. Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two MLK Days

This is a cautionary tale about how to spend one’s Martin Luther King day in order to truly honor his memory and dream. Continue reading

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Dems, Obama and MSM Come Fill Circle: That’s raaaaaacist!

Add jokes to the list of what is now racist in this country.

Hang on, pulling up the ‘that’s racist’ kid now…


Don’t you dare joke about Obama’s birth certificate. That’s racist and Chris Matthews, the great sensitivity warrior, is in a terrible lather over it. Only Obama and Democrats can tell jokes like that, you got it?


Gotta love that faux outrage from a campaign that thinks civility is falsely accusing your opponent of being a felon and killing a woman with cancer. Besides, the really funny stuff is being don by Team Obama and his media minions and their anti-Mormon jabs at Romney. Religious bigotry — That’s just so hilarious!

Hey, you know what else is funny? Obama ate dog. No really, he ate dog. Now that’s funny stuff.

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