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Here Comes The Teacher Resignation Narrative… Again.

Over at WBTV, the headline looms: Nearly 1,000 CMS Teachers Resign As Educators Lobby Lawmakers.

The thrust of the article is that teachers are resigning in “unprecedented” numbers in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Note the article does not include a breakout of the data or the reasons for resignation.


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WNCN Embargoes Teacher Sexual Misconduct Story (UPDATED!)

In my email alerts this morning I saw a story from WNCN on ‘sexual misconduct by educators a growing problem’.
When I clicked the link, I found that the story had been pulled. I hit Twitter and asked WNCN why.

Here is the response:

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Modesto Teachers Protest Common Core (Video)

Around 125 teachers showed up to protest the launch of Common Core at a Modesto City Schools board meeting. Teachers claim they are being penalized if they push back or deviate from the Common Core way.

Sounds familiar.

Excerpt from ModBee.com with emphasis added:


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Core Supporters Crying In Their Talking Points As Teacher Support Crumbles

The support for the Common Core standards has been steadily taking a nose-dive for the better part of the year with the public and parents of school aged kids. Now teacher support of the standards has also dropped by 30% in just one year from 76% to 46% in the latest EducationNext poll.

If you want to read a really great explanation of the drop in teacher support that puts Fordham’s Mike Petrilli to shame with a long list including “lying”, “slander” and “shut up” , go read this article at Huffington Post: How the Common Core Lost Teacher Support . I won’t spoil it with a big excerpt, but here is one of my favorite portions under the section “backpedaling”:

“But the thing about CCSS implementation is that Core boosters got to do everything that they said they wanted to. So if the implementation messed things up that either means 1) they don’t know what they’re talking about or 2) the Core really are that bad.”

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Another Example of Common Core Being A Right-Wing Issue (Video)

Another day, another example by the media of how Common Core is just a Right wing Tea party thing…

Just kidding. 150 teachers in Seattle protested Bill Gates and Common Core.

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