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#NCGA Does DPI’s Job Again With Bill On Background Checks [UPDATED]

Earlier this year, North Carolina received an “F” on our teacher screening process in a USA Today report.

Several years ago, and by several I mean SIX YEARS ago, the subject of performing background checks on teachers in North Carolina was suggested, a committee did some work on it and their results were promptly stuck in a drawer by NC Superintendent Atkinson.

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USA TODAY Report Gives NC an “F” in Screening Teachers

On February 13th, USA Today posted a lengthy article titled, NC fails in screening for problem teachers.

I read it. All of it. I also watched the embedded videos. It’s horrifying for a laundry list of failure to protect our children.

Let me say that I was not in the least bit surprised about what USA Today found about teachers slipping through the system.

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