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It’s the day after the SCOTUS ruling. The world did not end. Quite the opposite. The Final Verdict has recharged the issue. Hope is restored and the atmosphere and ideas of 2010 has come roaring back with twice the furor. Mr. Liberty said to me that ‘Roberts hit the time-travel button back to 2010’ and he’s right. Oh by the way, going forward, ObamaCare will be known as ObamaTax. Continue reading

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My Christmas Wish

I’ve got a wish for Christmas this year. It is not something a friend or relative can buy, but instead it is something they must do. They must shed their political party allegiances and instead pledge their allegiance to our … Continue reading

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Insta-Narrative: AZ Shooter vs DC Shooter – Update: Shooter Charged with Assassination Attempt

So, keep it up, MSM, Dems and Left bloggers – keep trying to push the Palin-Gifford smear back into the headlines. No matter how you try and malign the Tea Party or other Conservatives with labels like violent and terrorist, you have to face the fact at some point that the Occupy movement is everything you falsely claimed the Tea Party to be… and then some. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

When do we get to call the Occupiers what they really have become? They’re criminals. They’re vandals. They’re violent. They may have started as a ‘peaceful protest’, but now they are breaking the law in every single Obamaville they have set up — some on a very violent scale. Oakland in particular is almost in full-out riot mode and has been for a while now. Continue reading

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9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate Rundown

9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate on CNN For various reasons I was unable to watch most of the Debate, therefore my commentary will be limited in this run down. From what I did see and what I read, it was … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (8/16)

These are the Morning Links for August 16, 2011     Lady’s Recent Posts & Articles: How Liberals Prioritize Support Your Conservative Bloggers The Lady’s Picks: California pulling a Libya: San Francisco Bay area’s transit agency shut off wireless service to thwart … Continue reading

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In Defiance of Tyranny

I’ve written one other piece focusing on Sarah Palin. I’ve been inspired recently to write a second – it is not to prove that I am not a ‘half-cocked Palin supporter’, I can assure certain parties I’m whole hog and … Continue reading

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