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Wake Cty Hires 8 New Principals

News and Observer is reporting the hiring (or shifting around of) of 8 new principals in Wake county. Four are interim appointments.
Also, here come higher taxes — the original $1.7 billion dollar proposed Wake county schools budget was passed by the Wake County Commissioners at a lower total of $1.1 billion. Continue reading

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Hey Wake County, Ready To Pay More In Taxes?

Didn’t I warn people to expect that tax hikes were coming? Yep.

What I didn’t expect was the Wake County Commissioners to blink. Continue reading

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‘Our Schools First’ Jumps The Shark With Halloween Handouts

Politicking in our schools? CHECK.
Using kids as props in fliers? CHECK.
Ruining Halloween by giving kids slips of paper in their treat bags? CHECK.

Wait, what?
Slips of paper handed out on Halloween to push the School Bond referendum?

KEEP READING – HIT THE TIP JAR! Continue reading

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Progress NC and Blueprint NC

Last night, we learned about Progress NC possibly having significant issues with its tax exempt status and their donations and the call by NC Republican Chairman Claude Pope for NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall to investigate.  I mentioned some … Continue reading

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Hey Buffett – You first.

Please stop your condescending, transparent gimmicks and just pay your outstanding taxes. You look like an ass. If you want to pay more be our guest, but stop shoveling that crap about the wealthy do not pay enough and should pay more. Continue reading

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