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Roy Cooper Sides With Bullies. Again. – #HB2 #NCGA

In my inbox was a message from NC Attorney General, Roy Cooper. He’s ‘siding’ with Wake County School Board Member, Susan Evans. And she’s fundraising on that endorsement too. (See the email at the bottom of the article.)

Evans is challenging Senator Tamara Barringer for her NC General Assembly seat. So yet again, we Roy Cooper is siding with the bullies just like he has colluded with businesses to bully and blackmail our state over HB 2. Continue reading

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Overwhelming Public Pushback Kills Vaccinations Bill – #HB346

Overwhelming public outcry over the removal of religious exemptions in HB 346 has produced results. The other major complaint was that the bill’s language was vague, paving a path for forced inclusion of homeschooled children.

So…The bill is dead. GOOD.

USA TODAY; emphasis added:

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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