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Obama Suddenly Remembers The Constitution

Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference on Syria in the Rose Garden. The Commander-in-Chief reminded us peons several times he is the Commander-in-Chief and there’s that Constitution thingy. Anyone else notice his stern tone throughout? Felt like a scolding. Anyway, the thrust of the remarks centered around his plan to have Congress take the heat debate and vote on acting in Syria.

SEN. Obama in 2007: Pres doesn’t have power under Constitution to unilaterally authorize mil. attack that’s not imminent threat to nation.

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) August 31, 2013

A few thoughts

First he was 30 minutes late to a speech the world was waiting to hear about. Talk about ego. I called that right up front and didn’t let go of it. The President does this constantly — it’s seriously unprofessional. If you’re going to be showing up regularly 30 minutes late, then try scheduling it 30 minutes later or at least have your staff give an ETA. No none likes showing up for an appointment on time only to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes. So rude. FORE! Continue reading

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