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Say What?

Attention Readers of LL1885: The monthly column formerly known as They Said What?! has been revamped and renamed to Say What? Thank you for your attention. You may now return to your regularly scheduled LOL’s. SAY WHAT??? Brace yourself, people. … Continue reading

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Year Of The Boot

A quick top 5 list of high profile jackwagons who got the heave-ho in 2011. The old saying doesn’t apply¬† – we hoped the door would hit them on the ass on the way out. We got our wishes! #1 … Continue reading

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They Know So Much That Isn’t So.

Well Mr. Harvard, it would appear history and facts aren’t something you learned. Michelle Malkin schooled him pretty well, but I’d like to add a bit more.

Dear Good Will Hunting: Continue reading

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