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Why Hasn’t Senator Soucek Put #HB13 On The Ed Cmte Calendar? (UPDATED)

I am currently on a blog vacation. I am less than happy I am writing at this moment and even less happy about the topic.

My moles inside the General Assembly tell me that HB 13, which contains the infamously invasive health assessment form, has not been put on the Senate Education Committee calendar for tomorrow. This, despite it moving smoothly through the Health Committee earlier today. Continue reading

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Invasive Health Assessment Bill To Be Heard By Committee May 12

The bill to amend health assessments, which includes the invasive health assessment form currently used for kindergarten entry, is going to be heard by the Senate Health committee on May 12th. Continue reading

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Student ‘Health Assessment’ Helps ‘Track the Fat Kids’. Bonus: US is a Democracy?

I’ve warned people for a while now about HB 13 (Amend School Health Assessment Requirement) and the ramifications of the parental ‘consent’ signature block on the health form that the bill references.

Parents have been signing away the confidentiality between their child’s doctor to allow DHHS and DPI to contact the provider directly.
Now the data is being used to ‘track the fat kids’.

Why is education involved in the health profession? Why are kids failing basic information in courses like History and Civics ?

KEEP READING — You won’t believe what one national education official said about the priorities in Social studies… Continue reading

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Health Form Created By NC DPI, DHHS Goes ‘Far beyond’ What NC Law Requires

As previously mentioned on this blog, Parents with children entering North Carolina Public Schools for Kindergarten (as well as those entering schools for the first time for any grade) in the state will be required to fill out an invasive “health assessment” form.

Currently, House Bill 13 proposes to make this health assessment part of a child’s permanent record. It will be included in the state longitudinal database system, of which another bill (HB 401) will make that data accessible by multiple state agencies.

Lindalyn Kakadelis, over at John Locke, has posted an an article talking about this exact health assessment. In her article, she chronicles how her own daughter went to enroll her child into Kindergarten and had to deal with this form.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Invasive Student Health Assessment Bill Already In #NCGA Senate

Two bills are flying through the NC General Assembly unchallenged right now. One is a vaccination bill, which I’ll write about later today. The other is HB 13, titled, Amend School Health Assessment Requirement.

I wrote about this bill once before and given the speed with which this bad bill is flying through the General Assembly, I find the need to write about it again. Yesterday, it passed the first reading in the Senate and was referred to the Rules committee.

Let me stress this point: The health assessment document being mentioned in this bill is incredibly invasive. It includes medical data that is none of the school system or state’s business — it is information that should be between your family and your doctor.


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#NCGA Revising ‘School Health Assessments’

Yesterday, HB 13 passed a second reading as tweeted out by Policy Watch’s Lindsay Wagner:

@LindsayWagnerNC “Parent’s shall provide proof…” This bill’s language gives me pause. http://t.co/JqpD9SRM01 #ncga

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 18, 2015

The primary sponsor is Rep. Jim Torbett of Gaston County. Other sponsors include Jones, Pittman and Whitmire. View the HB 13 Bill History.

This bill’s language is worrisome.

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