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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – WE 10/30/15 – #NCed

Here’s a run down of some of the education news in North Carolina… and beyond. Reminder: Next Common Core Commission meeting is November 13th. That is a FRIDAY and not the usual meeting day, which is the third Monday of … Continue reading

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Ed Tech Company That Received Millions in RTTT Funds Shuts Down

Education Tech company, Thinkgate LLC, shut its doors this past week.

The company was located in Charlotte, North Carolina and provided a number of services to the North Carolina and other states. The company moved their headquarters to North Carolina just over a year ago.

Just six months ago, Thinkgate hired a new controller and moved into brand new office space in downtown Charlotte.

My gut reaction to this news — is this the start of an education version of Solyndra? Continue reading

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#SB534: Study Student Online Data Privacy

On March 26th, Senator Chad Barefoot filed SB 535 (Study Student Online Data Privacy).
The bill would form a study committee to inspect and investigate issues around the protection of multiple aspects of student data being collected in North Carolina, including what third parties have access, disclosure and protection process and Cloud based data.

In 2014, Senator Barefoot authored a student data privacy bill (SB 815) which was signed into law. Given the invasive nature and data collection inherent in HB 13 and the data collection machine in use by NC DPI currently, this study of student data is very timely.
The filed text is brief:

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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CA Student Data Privacy Bill Becomes Law

Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SB 1177) became law this week. California Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill which is aimed at curbing online vendors from selling student data to third parties. They are calling this a landmark bill, but it’s got some serious holes in it. A few key points: Continue reading

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Back To School And Student Data Privacy

A few folks have been asking me to address the recently passed and signed NC law dealing with student data collection and privacy matters. That law sprang from SB 815 and which is titled Ensuring Privacy of Student Records.
As people have been attending school orientations, I’ve had several who have expressed to me that they were given no information about student privacy and data. Indeed, I didn’t receive anything separate or specific at our back to school night either. What they and myself were looking for pertains to this section of SB 815: Continue reading

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