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Nice Waiver Ya Got There, Be A Shame If Anything Happened To It

States fighting Common Core in an attempt to regain control over their own education standards are getting the a shot across their bows from the Dept. of Education. What follows in the Ed Week excerpt below could be said in one sentence:
“Nice waiver ya got there, be a shame if anything happened to it…” Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: Survivor David Ubben Speaks

Ten months of stonewalling later, a survivor of Benghazi has finally been spoken to.
A survivor of the attack on Benghazi has been located and spoke with FOX news. David Ubben risked his own life to save others, including recovering the body of Sean Smith and assisting Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods on the roof of the annex that night. Ubben is still recovering from injuries sustained that night at Walter Reed Medical Center.

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#BENGHAZI: State Dept. Drags Its Feet; Missing Colonel Returns

The State Department dragged its feet in producing witnesses requested in May by the Oversight committee, resulting in Subpoenas in June. Of late, the request for Colonel Bristol of AFRICOM to appear was rebuffed. The Pentagon stated he was retired and not compelled to testify. This statement has turned out to be a lie, or as the Pentagon is now calling it — an ‘administrative error’. The Colonel has been found.

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